The price of gas is the price of gas

16.55.10 - Mark

I'm sick and tired of people bitching, moaning, and calling for political action over the price of gas. Yes, Gas prices are approaching $4 a gallon, but honestly what can you do about it? What the hell is the US Government going to do that doesn't take us several steps closer to socialism?

If you need the gas you buy it, if you don't want to buy it live without it. It's basic capitalism, which last I checked was part of the reason our government was dicking around in the middle east. I've been filling up my Honda '91 (which only gets about 24miles to the gallon) about once a month. Instead of driving everywhere I ride share, ride a bike, or even walk. If there was such a thing locally I'd consider using mass transit. Gasoline for your car is not an absolute essential, so stop treating it like it is.

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Weapons of Mass Destruction

11.45.37 - Mark

Do you get the feeling that this country really, really likes having its arsenal of weapons. Our government basically ignored this attempt to ban cluster bombs, we've been ignoring the Ottawa Treaty, an attempt to ban land mines for ten years and we backed out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. We have signed the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty on nuclear weapons but haven't ratified it.

Makes you wonder why we were so obsessed with Iraq's WMD stockpiles.

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12 Million People

15.57.43 - Mark

I'm not a fan of my Congress Critter. Foxx has a tendency to pull stupid stunts like voting against perfectly agreeable and well constructed bills to buy Military equiptment in congress. This would be wonderful if she was doing it because she dislikes the idea of war and wants us out of the middle east - and not on the idea that she can claim to support "Financial responcibility" in the federal government come reelection time. Likewise when she voted in favor of a bill on protecting religious freedoms in the United States -- specifically protecting the public's right to pray in school and publically display the 10 Commandments at government facilities.

There are other peeves I have about her (lets just say we disagree on the idea of terrorism) but the most recent is the immigration issue.

She seems to be one of the supporters of the idea that this country can and should deport the 12 Million + illegal aliens from this country. Which begs the question of what exactly 12 million people looks like, and what it would take to move them. Well turns out, 12 Million people is about the population of Illinois.

Now, exactly how practical is it for our government to export the entire population of the state of Illinois to another country? How expencive?

Even if we get 2/3rds of "them", its like deporting everyone in North Carolina. More "resonable" proposals like deporting the "dangerous" ones - which I've heard estimated as being around 3 Million is on par with cutting off Iowa from the rest of the Union.

When you deal with that many people, it costs money - lots of it - just to provide basic services, like law enforcement, medical care and the Buerocracy necissary to process everyone. Not to mention the things like food and housing costs that would be associated with moving that many people. That's on top of the money needed to find and verify individuals in this country "illegally" and the intangable cost of dumping 12 million people on an unsuspecting nation(s)

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One World Divided

19.33.49 - Mark

Tomorrow there's going to be a 1000-man rally tomorrow in Dobson, NC about some of the immigration issues that are swirling around in our nation's political cesspool - and the local congress critter is anti-imigration/pro-"national security" in a big way.

I've been against the mentality of closing up our borders and allowing the government to monitor citizens' actions because I haven't seen the evidence that it protects us. I dislike the idea that this nation is no longer a shelter for the best minds of the world - those who question the government are condemned and their legitimante concerns are muted while those that want to push the border of human achievement are not allowed to do so.

More recently, I've been feeling that this nation isn't. In the broader picture it seems like this nation is divided in so many trivial ways it has stepped over the line of sickening. Religious individuals think they're the minority while the athiests and agnositcs claim the same title. Republicans and Democrats battle as if there's no tomorrow. Racial and ethic cultures clash internally while they all clamor against the foreigners.

In this day and age when its just as likely for me to hear about the latest news from Eurasia as it is to know what's happening on a local street corner borders have really become a pointless imaginary line in our minds.

Even thought I favor less government, the idea of Supranational Unions like the EU, or a World Government are tempting ideas

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Lame Ducks

17.12.20 - Mark

Here's the latest in Bush's War on Porn

The idea of any form of mandatory labeling is completely ridiculious. Not only will you have plenty of US based sites ignoring it, you will have nearly all of the non-US, and yes Uncle Sam, there is such as thing as a website based in a country other than ours, ignoring it. Trying to create and enforce legislation to force websites into labeling themselves is a waste of everyone's time, effort, and those precious few tax payer's dollars we haven't given away in business subsudies or the middle east.

I can understand why some people want the government to deal with the porn "problem". I want the government to be there to protect me from the big things I can't handle, like nuclear arms and other governments, but a little objectionable content? Thank you, but no.

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14.00.07 - Mark

Should I be concerned when my American Government teacher mentions Pat Robertson and The Christian Science Monitor on the first day of class?

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