Shall we play a game?

01.53.46 - Mark

If you've never seen WarGames, and you regularly read this blog - what the hell are you thinking? Stop reading and go watch WarGames, it's a lot more worth while than reading my ramblings.

For everyone left, don't feel bad I'll be sending you away in a minute too. Almost perfectly timed with my relapse into Ambrosia Software titles, they've gone and release another game - DEFCON. Like Uplink (which started the relapse a few weeks ago), the new offender is a Mac port of an Introversion game (read: there's a windows version). The basic premise of DEFCON (if you haven't guessed from the post title, the command to watch WarGames, and/or the name of the game) is the same as Global Thermonuclear War. Nuke the hell out of your enemy, while keeping your enemy from nuking the hell out of you, and like Joshua you want to play the game until you "win". Which of course you can't do (it is nuclear war after all...) but you can try - and it lends itself to my favorite gaming philosophy (Easy to learn, hard to master).

Aside from its various cinematic inspirations (WarGames, Dr. Strangelove, Failsafe) it reminds me of Desktop Tower Defense or Missle Command on steroids, with a bit of StarCraft like Realtime Strategy for good measure.

I really wish there were different difficulty levels for the single player mode (I'm not big on network games), although I may register so I can add extra AIs and add a pause feature (a single round only takes 30 minutes or so) Single player against single AI really can't invoke the same paranoia the developer's aim for. Anyways. Go forth and download.(Mac | Windows)

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Old games

23.04.23 - Mark

Rather than hunting out all the April Fool's jokes out there I've wasted most of today playing old video games (and moving a pile of 1970's reject carpet from the basement to the curb).

I don't know of anyone around my age who doesn't have fond memories of playing Oregon Trail. I almost forgot how long it takes to play, but after a couple hours I finished the trail with a score just shy of 12,000 (which on my copy was 3rd place.)

After that I had intended on playing the hyperaddictive Escape Velocity (my first shareware purchase, when they sent out registrations via postcard. Think I still have that one too) but didn't want to mess with getting it onto a working computer, so went off to download the sequel Escape Velocity: Nova and in the process got site tracked by Uplink and played that for several hours. If you couldn't tell, I'm addicted to Ambrosia Software products, and have been for over 10 years. Not that that's a bad thing

The nostalgia is almost enought to make me forget about moving carpet. Almost

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