Another failing of critical thinking...

13.03.02 - Mark

In a school that is pushing a "critical thinking initiative" so hard you would think that a right answer would be a right answer, but you would be wrong. I'm tired of the hypocrisy of HSU, where the right answer is the one defined by the (ill-selected) book and all other variations are wrong.

All browsers and operating systems will correctly display the "216 web safe colors", even if an argument can be made that not all web capable computers support color (they don't) and furthermore, all web browsers support color (again, they don't). Nothing will appear consistanly across all internet connected devices, period.

Not even W3C standards are safe.

tags, at least here, are to be referred to as "Layers", simply because that's the way its defined in Dreamweaver.

It feels a bit Orwellian. Good thing I'm not in a math class, they'd probably be teaching me that 2 + 2 = 5...

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In hiding

This weekend is the overwhelmingly fun ::) Mayberry days. Hence, I've been happily hiding at home playing with my Macs. I've argued before on here why Mayberry driven tourism is bad for the area, but the simplest fact is that it is slowly dying, and I'm not just talking about the fans. The fact is one of the "official" events for this year's Mayberry Days is a showing of the Da Vanci Code (because it was directed by Ron Howard). Trivially stupid things like pie eating contests, kid sized train rides, and various brunches make up the majority of the festival. These attractions are better suited for the county fair (which, coincidentally, is taking place this weekend as well).

It would not be so bad if they did some thing creative, like Hannibal, Missouri does with it's Mark Twain Days but we don't. All we have are a handful of businesses that slapped some Mayberry reference into their names.

I'm not against using tourism to improve the community's economy, in fact I'm in favor of it. In a few weeks another festival will bring in hoards of tourists and a sea of people will form on mainstreet. Fried foods will scent the air and you'll hear bluegrass and old time music all around town. Autumn leaves is the type of tourism Mount Airy needs. Rather than cater to a small group of people, autumn leaves attracts people from miles around, drawing on the natural beauty of the area and its culture. Lifestyle and environmental tourism is sustainable, since it attracts more than geriatric TV watchers and nostalgic baby boomers.

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Define Workaholic...

Now, I've had people joke about how if I set out to do it, I could complete a 4 year degree in a couple year. Granted this was before HSU and the group in question didn't really realize that the reason I was so smart was because I had studied the same material before moving to NC and being forced to retake it, but this story of a kid graduating from university of in one year thanks to AP credits and an extreme schedule almost blows my mind.

I'm not so sure that the kid is a "genius". Dedicated, possibly addicted, to studying sure but Genius? I think the only reason you don't see this more is because most schools insist on making students stick to tracks and don't accomidate students who want and can handle heavy loads. I know that if a heavier load had been offered to me at HSU, I could have finished my degree in a year. There's no question that it would be more challenging and I actually would have had to apply myself to doing the work, but I'm not sure that would have been a bad thing...

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One day, in a little under 3 months, I will leave this foresaken place, where they adore default Windows desktop images and extol the virtues of "flash text" and image maps in web design, where they paise themselves for creating such horribly stupid animations that even ADD riddled myspace societies would reject them. They prefer an over abundance of messy code and folders filled with graphics where a few lines of code and text would work as well, if not better.

For the record, I've given up all hope of this "advanced graphics" course of actually resembling a graphics course (remedial or otherwise)

Interesting, non-school related posts should resume when computers at home are fixed...

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Current Opinion...

Computers Suck.

In my unending war on technology failures I've reached some meager high points, followed by plummeting low points.

The slight bit of good news in my computer woes is that a rather nice Pismo that was given to me - in pieces - has been rebuilt. I couldn't make him better than before, as I lack the budget for it right now (I think) but the fact is I literally took a pile of powerbook parts and reassembled it into a quasi-working machine. The CD/DVD drive won't read CDs and it doesn't have wifi or a working battery, but the fact that it boots is more than I can say for most of my computers, because...

Ubuntu crapped out on me, and now refuses to boot. Last week before I helped move my brother into college I started the process of upgrading to the latest version of Ubuntu (my DSL is painfully slow these days). Eventually it claimed it was done upgrading, restarted itself, and hung. For the last few days its been delightfully staring at me refusing to boot. Now I can deal with botched installs, usually I can even bite the bullet and do a full reformatting and reload off a backup. Too bad I have nearly all my backups on part of the drive a reinstall wants to reformat. Apparently linux, or at least Ubuntu is damned near impossible to reinstall from scratch without reformatting. I'm working on it but its a pain in the neck.

Of course there are more problems (both ongoing and new) than I care to recount, but I'm guessing I need to get some of the tech out of my life - since maintaining the computers around the house is feeling a lot like a bad IT support job, minus the pay.

Now, back to fighting with linux...

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Gotta get out of this place....

My dad and I took my younger brother to his (real) college this past weekend. Its in Savannah Georgia which is a pretty area (despite the tourism catering kitsch) Matt is probably going to do fine. His school seems like a real place, and on the surface it was a sore reminder of how there is such a thing as a good, progressive learning enviroment. I don't think I ever forgot that fact but going to HSU has certainly pushed it out of the picture. Right now I'm sitting in an advanced graphics course that may - if all goes well - actually open a graphics editing program sometime before October. In the meantime we've spent 8 of our 32 total meetings screwing around in dreamweaver for some bizare and unexplained reason, and the teacher is pushing some half baked make millions with ebay semminar the school is running.

You know, I may not know what I'll be doing in 3 months, but I'll be happy to have that uncertainty than continue to loaf around here

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Certified Geek Credentials

The logo says general purpose certified geek - and all certifications (real or imaginary) should have a cool seal to go with the respect said certification should command.

MarkW.us Official Seal

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