20.38.25 - Mark

Got video in working on the DomeMac guts, its sweet sitting down typing this off one monitor and watching TV on a second. Now to see if I can't get capable video capture...

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No I'm not blowing up any buildings.

18.05.28 - Mark

I was searching around for a nice definition of "rational anarchy" and decided to link to it here, being that I consider myself one.

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It ain't a hack if you don't get a nasty cut

17.23.25 - Mark

You know the nice bloody ones that drip (I know probbaly too graphic) but I was working on the dome mac scraping off some glue earlier with a safety glass scraper when it sliped away from the glue creating a nice 1cm long cunt on my left thumb. Didn't hurt too much, it was a just installed blade but that blood came out real fast. Not my idea of fun. But hey, it ain't a hack with out a nice cut to remind you what the hell you're doing.

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4 Reasons the RIAA isn't worth thier cheap lawsuits

16.07.23 - Mark

1. They only seem to be suing people under 18 and over 65

2. No one seems to have static IPs, can anyone say mistaken identity

3. Not everyone goes into PANIC PANIC PANIC! mode when presented a BS lawsuit, like the RIAA would want them to

4. Suing Mac users and proving they're using KaZaa isn't just hard, its impossible

If anyone from the RIAA is reading tell me, is ignorance bliss?

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CSS and I

12.37.50 - Mark

After what could only be called a very shaky start I'm starting to like CSS. It didn't like me at first but as I developing a web page with hand coded CSS I'm learning as I go. And I can already tell that I'm liking it. I'm learning the same way I did with HTML. Start with a few basics (for HTML the basic building blocks, for CSS a solid base in HTML), hack a couple pages (HTLM, a few pages at Applefritter.com, for CSS Blogger), then sail away into hand coded bliss (both with online help) But for now I'm tired so I'm closing shop for the night, to return later today to hack away at code.

[if this entry made any sence I'm supprised. My brains fried after a long day with a couple hours of CSS hacking towards the end]

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What the Machead in Your Life Wants this Holiday Season....

20.41.36 - Mark

Try not to drool - too much.

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Hey! A Lawsuit I Like

18.52.44 - Mark

Someone's suing VeriSign but only for that irratating sitefinder mess. But it is an antitrust case, so maybe we can get a few more "features" of that PITA monolopy killed off at the same time. Like thier version of cybersquatting.

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Untold overclocking stories

01.12.27 - Mark

I think we've all heard the overclocking success stories, but we rarely hear of the failures - at least the ones that don't lead to incidents that could alarm the FBI. I just finished mucking around with Beige G3 OC settings and while I could get it up to 300 MHz and 292 MHz with a hyperactive memory controller (83MHz system bus) I didn't get either to work well. In both cases (my final two candidates) I couldn't run any of my software with out it crashing citing a bus error, so in the end I put the Apple issued back in and fired it up, promptly coming here and posting my version of the often untold story of overclocking success.

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Brought to you by the letters S, F, X, G and the number 3

20.09.23 - Mark

I got my SFX powersupply a couple hours ago and spent 30 minuters hooking it up to a Beige G3 motherboard. I had to run an errand but am now surfing the web over a 100 Base-T ethernet connection sucking bandwidth from a DSL modem with a computer's guts on the top of a small wooden box. I love technology. Anyways I'm off now to see if I can't breathe life into one or both of the multiGB hard drives in my general area.

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Now with titles...

19.06.51 - Mark

Blogger and Google have made many items from Blogger Pro- like titles- free. After I found out I made some changes and this post in just under 10 minutes. That is all...

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23.31.08 - Mark

I know I haven't been making a lot of posts in here because I've been working on what is lining up to be my best hack yet (and one that should give several other hacks a run for thier money) While I doubt I'm going to give it up I don't want to post too much on it before its finished, I am keeping a log of its progress. If I keep my pace up I could be finished in a week or so (allowing time for some parts to arrive.)

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17.03.49 - Mark

I hate self righteous religious nutcases, those people that will say the world is only 4000 years old in a science class, the ones that impose thier religion on you as if it were a pickup line, the ones that ban excellent literature such as Catch-22 or Huck Finn, the morons that place the 10 commandments in government buildings. The ones that discouage people from opening thier minds and enjoying some of the best in television.

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18.06.50 - Mark

Still no WiFi, but some people at a new venture in town have been a lot of help, and have let me use two cards to see if I could get anywhere. The new businesses are called 802link and (I forget the other company since I spent all my time talking to the machead behind 802link) They're working together to bring Wifi access to Mount Airy NC and unlike many groups are striving for compatibility with every OS that supports WiFi. I ended up spending about an hour talking with him about Apple and technology, its like another dream job landed in my backyard. (The first being Raven Knob)

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18.52.07 - Mark

Wow, I still have books, a few shelves worth. At least those wern't lost in my move, there are about a dozen Quadras that I fear are lost forever. Given the choise I definatly would have gone with computers. >:( I need that money

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14.37.12 - Mark

Here's an idea that won't be getting support from Bush, or any other idiot in the general area of Washington D.C.

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