Weekly Metapost : 2011.10.14 - 2011.10.21

03.00.02 - Mark

Weekly Metapost from October 14th, 2011 to October 21st, 2011

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For the last few seasons of House, I've developed a habit of checking out medical reviews of it at Polite Dissent (who also looks at comics and some other scifi for bad medicine). However, this WIRED interview with one of the medicine advisors is facinating - stores on simple errors he's fixed to one where he couldn't find a solution to a far fetched idea, left it on the fiction side, but later found out there was a more reality than he originally believed.

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DIY conductive ink. While I would be fine with buying these pens, I almost want to get some lab equiptment. [via adafruit]

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A Timelapse project, where a DSLR camera took a photo, every 10 minutes, for 5 weeks, in the middle of nowhere. The fact that it's for Burning Man is worth it from the start, but I've been thinking about doing a similar project for a while now, and this is very similar to what I've been considering. While I wasn't aiming for the 10 minute increments, its cool to know my pipe dream is actually feasible.[via PetaPixel]

Food for Thought [other noteworthy books]

Jericho Season 3 TP [Paperback] Rated 4.0 stars for Jericho Season 3 TP [Paperback]

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Weekly Metapost : 2011.10.07 - 2011.10.14

03.00.01 - Mark

Weekly Metapost from October 7th, 2011 to October 14th, 2011

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A short presentation on photojournalists and war scenes. It's interesting to me because as a photographer, I know people will act in front of the camera. In an era where we'll quickly write off "fake" images as being photoshopped, it's easy to forget that the whole thing was staged. We may not want to consider that in war photography, but as this presentation shows, even that can be staged - on a regular schedule no less. [via petapixel]

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I have a love/hate relationship with animated gif files. They used to plauge the world wide web, but as technology (and taste) developed, they've mostly faded away. In doing so the gems are out there. Some are short film length animations whose cousin was a flip book comic you doodled in the 3rd grade, while some, like the one, look like scenes from a movie. I'm sure they're massive, but I wish we had these floating around in the early 90s...

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Things break, and the American culture has a wide spread mentality that if it breaks, replace it. Within our borders it's rare for people like me to enjoy making and fixing things, but in the global scale, there's an argument that those are the people who power the world. The crew behind this article are working on a documantry on the subject, and from the looks of it it will be well done. [via MAKE]

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A Respect for Cross Platform Developers

02.52.30 - Mark

I long time self declared geek, I'm a little surprised I've never really sat down and learned C++. I mean I've played around with a variety of programming languages, and I've had a copy of CodeWarrior for the Mac for a decade or so. So while I remember doing some "Hello World!" and tutorial work on it, I'm only now learning it between I'm taking a college course on it. While a lot of the basics are similar to the PHP and Arduino I already work with, the fact is I'm learning a bit more than I expected.

Specifically, as a happy Mac user, I'm comfortable with banging away in Apple's Xcode. Unfortunately, the course prefers Microsoft's Visual C++ Express, which no, does not play well with WINE like many other Windows apps do. So while I'm quickly picking up on the syntax of C++, defining my own rosetta stone comparing and contrasting the languages I know, I'm also working on the art of cross platform development.

Ten years ago when OS X was new and shiny and Macs still ran PPC processors, cross platform development was pretty rare. Only a few, like Adobe, Blizzard and Bungie would actually make an effort to straddle the fence. It always annoyed me that only the big (or at least Mac based ) companies would go cross platform, after all they were almost all using C, C++, maybe some PASCAL, so why not cross over? Was the Mac really that daunting?

Well, while I still don't considering the Mac daunting, translating even a "common" language can be a gauntlet. While I'm not going to claim to be a programming prodigy, it only took about an hour to read over the requirements and bang out a working program in Xcode. Add another hour to write up the documentation, and it was time to handle it on the Windows side. At which point I spent another 90 minutes trying to figure out what the windows side needed, rereading my code and googling the error codes. In the end I had repeatedly ignored the rather simple solution, one that probably should have been required on the Mac side, but the fact is, the people who manage to port software deserve a lot of respect, especially those who add linux into the mix...

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Weekly Metapost : 2011.09.30 - 2011.10.07

03.00.02 - Mark

Weekly Metapost from September 30th, 2011 to October 7th, 2011

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As the title says, a flow chart of NPR's top 100 Scifi/Fantasy books. Not a supprise, I'm on the Scifi and mixed portions of the chart, but I've dabbled on the fantasy side. [via Scalzi]

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As an occassional programer and a currently struggling-though-calculus-based-physics-student, it's not hard to connect the ideas of video games and physics. While it has not been my first cross over point, it's probably one of the only ones that's easy to identify among the general population. That idea is touched on, but there's more depth in how it talks about other ways Angry Birds can be used as an educational tool in physics and mathematics.

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