So quiet, it should be illegal.

20.05.27 - Mark

This ones kinda offencive to me and I hope its false advertizing but Ford says its new material, found in its soon to be released New Ford F150, blocks nearly all external sounds. Jackhammers, horns, emergency sirens. Maybe I'm the only one who has noticed that most people don't pull over for EMS, Police, Fire crews, now. This has me wondering. I hear the emergency sirens before I see the lights now am I the only one that sees some moron claiming that he didn't hear or see the sirens when they wrek thier F150 into the side of name-your-favorite-emergency-serive.

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Two up, one to go

23.35.32 - Mark

Between WiFi and ongoing Domemac problems a third crisis has arisin, the main G3 in the house failed as well. Thankfully the Fractalbook is capable of SCSI disk mode and I could boot bother problem G3s off the one working system. A quick pass with Norton System Works and the Dome mac was back to 100%. I'm about to rerun NSW on the main G3 but first I'm uploading a couple things to my iDisk so I know I don't loose them (ie Toast so I can transfer it to the DomeMac)

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We have WiFi!!!

02.34.03 - Mark

Finally, We now have WiFi in my home. Fractalbook (see previous blog entry) has finally taken to a WiFi card. Its a shame it doesn't like to work under OS 9 but in 10.1 We've got WiFi. I'm posting this right now without wires.

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OS X again

01.13.03 - Mark

Well my brother's Wallstreet (I call it Fractalbook due to a Fractal Logo mod I did) is once again running OS X.1 Since thats the latest I have and we agreed to wipe his hard drive earlier today (Friday). I may push it to 10.2 next week if I can borrow the disks.

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But it was MY idea.

20.02.10 - Mark

I just ran across not one but TWO Plasma based computer mods. Heres one that isn't too close to my idea. The other, over at The Screen Savers is closer to my idea, in other words a window styled mod. Tho' as I'm plannong on making my own plasma generator I may stick to it and build it into that 5200 I have.

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The encore I DIDN'T want.

12.13.02 - Mark

It was like yesterday (Tuesday) all over again, it went from good to bad faster than your local 1 hour photo. Again something good happened, I got the Matrix Reloded on DVD, something better happened - I got a CD-RW drive for what will be a final cost of $20, the good kept on coming with Enterprise on, and by the time I got to the Cubs game they were winning. And then everything reversed direction again. I missed part of Enterprise while cooking so I could enjoy the Cubs, but they lost and by the time I decided that I might as well install my CD-RW the Beige G3 I'm installing it in decides to completly ignore the IDE bus. At least I still have the Matrix DVD and a recording of Enterprise (I need TiVo, I'm too techy for analog VCRs)

Monday Sucked, Tuesday Sucked, Wenesday Sucked, Thursday isn't looking too good, by Friday I may need to break something- something BIG.

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So this is what a good day is like

21.32.23 - Mark

After 3 days of crap, today wasn't horrid - for the most part. I may be picking up a PC laptop (hold your fire, I want to set it up for wardriving with some form of *nix as 802link will be going online soon) of course the ports are crap but hey if the school gets rid of it, its free to me. iTunes music store also had that announcement today. New iPod goodies and come Feb 2004 I should be able to rack up free downloads en mass, schools are great like that... The rest of the good is that today required almost no effort, 50 seconds of talking in Spanish (about 1 second for every 3 minutes of class), 90 some minutes of playing Starcraft in Drafting (CAD software is acting up, and as I'm the fastest that makes me beta tester for the class), then 30 minutes of playing with laptops during lunch, lastly I spent 90 minutes surfing the web, including but not limited to bypassing the Schools web filters - and they said I couldn't get to Babelfish at school.

Down sides are that the Beige G3 is not working as it should. I fear the IDE is out for good :( Also the iPod I was itching for at Powermax.com was sold, Damn I could have had a 10 Giger for $150. Do'h!

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So much potential....

23.34.26 - Mark

Then Crap, 100% pure going strait down the toilet, crap. Came home from getting an Eagle project apporved (good), find the cubs winning (better), Nip/Tuck was very promicing (better still), I was 100,000 points from Getting a ScotteVest (very good), then the Cubs *&^% up really bad (Christ 8 runs in a single *&^%ing inning, you're kidding me right?!?!?!), I loose my last life in the game, and stay at 2nd place, and lastly Nip/Tuck gets cut off in the miudddle of a very cool scene by some TV tech who slipped and put a 30 second commercial in the middle of the Show.

Anyone else hear that flushing sound?

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Know to the state of California, err...

18.03.18 - Mark

I mean Illinois.

Here's yet another example of technophobic parents letting the few really misguided and uninformed lead all of the somewhat misguided and uninformed into a lawsuit that helps no one.

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The Great American Past Time

23.57.08 - Mark

Is getting a bit silly. Granted its the bottom of the 11th in the first game of the Cubs-Marlins series, but these Fox announcers just keep on pulling useless, silly, might-be-better-if-we-knew-they-were-made-up "facts" and "trival" when all we really care about is the freaking game. Now I'm going back to cursing since the Cubs aren't scoring like they need to be.

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20.01.14 - Mark

Need I say more? Just minutes away now.

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A stones throw from a DVR

22.30.59 - Mark

Thats about how far I am. It took a little working out and experimenting, but I think that using BTV capture software on my Beige G3 with its fairly nice AV card and a large HD, I'm thinking a 120 giger I should have a fairly competent DVR. It definatly requires a CD-R 'cause I'll want to keep the drive clean, but I can almost taste that DVR goodness.

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Very sad fact or amazingly funny fiction?

19.23.37 - Mark

You decide

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Don't Panic!

14.49.30 - Mark

Shame DNA won't be in on this I mean he hit everything else, books, documentries, video games, and more. All he really needed to take on was a major movie.

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20.40.31 - Mark

Today is quickly becoming very good. Despide the fact that the Cubs just lost game 4 . The website I'm building is getting close to completion, just need to cook up an iBill page and what ever one department wants, Then its just a matter of getting the $$$ for it. Plus Dr. Strangelove is on right nmow, but I'm watching something else since its being encored in about 3 hours ( 12 AM EST. on TCM) So I'll catch it then. Maybe I'll even get some more done on my current hack.

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I'm remembering this one.

23.55.46 - Mark

Speed listing (NYTimes, Free registration required), some people are getting that 2 hour movie in a one hour flight, some are even getting that movie down to 30 minutes.

Maybe I need to try this with MIT's Open CourseWear.

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Such fun

15.45.55 - Mark

I feel good. I'm on my Beige G3, the MP3s are blaring over the stereo, G-Force is mirrored onto the 27' TV and I'm set to start codeing with a can of Dew by my side. Life is good.

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