How Many Days Until Winter Break?

21.35.32 - Mark

I like zoning out on these long weekends, but I guess getting back into some sort of conforing habits will do me some good. At least I get a really long break at the end of the month, maybe even a few snow days to hold me over. I wish I did more than some paper type work over the weekend tho' Maybe I'll spring for some ICs and parts before winter break and do some electronics projects. Even better would be if I could get around to finishing the DomeMac by 2004 tho' If I could do that be a good 5 or 6 projects over the last year and likely 2 improved projects as well. A solid 8 well documented hardware hacks in a year, plus being paid to learn CSS and another project I'll take credit for a few days after New Year's and this will have been one amazing year.

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Getting, so, so, so, so, bored

20.28.30 - Mark

Even these movie marathons are getting boring. Believe it or not even the James Bond Marathon is getting boring. AMC wasn't too bad for a while but then they started airing junk I don't really care about. Broadcast networks are far worse. Football is intended to be watched with a bunch of other guys and parades are either for the technical challenge of building a float or getting free candy from strangers. Oni fixed that problem for a while but after a leval eye strain and the fact that I have already beeten the game caused it too to become boring.

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Why I really hate medical professions

12.32.51 - Mark

(if this sounds like a Dave Barry column, so be it)

I just got back from a new dentist and I want to say that he's probably the dumbest human with a Ph.D I've come across. And that's aside from the fact that he didn't do a third of the work on my mouth yet he's still paid MUCH more than the assistants. Come on, oral care at its basics hasn't advanced too much over the last 1500 years. 200 years if you count powertools and lounge chairs as significant, and 100 years if you like your head shot full of radiation and happy drugs while sitting in said lounce chair. (and thats all from the ADA's site)

Anyways off the tangent, this guys a *&^%ing moron. Nurse tells him I'm sensitive at a couple teeth, doctor comes in, pokes those teeth, say yes they are sensitive, and pokes the teeth again so its clear that everyone in the room (with growing audiance) can tell that I have two teeth that when poked by a sharp metal tool will cause me to squirm around. You would think that its easier to ask if something hurts like hell before doing it 3 more times.

The rest of the medical professions isn't on my "wow, I couldn't live without those people" list. A couple weeks ago I was feeling like shit, and against my will I went to the doctor ASAP (the same doctor who a few weeks earlier charged my parent's insurance for wasting 20 minutes of my time and a note saying that to the best of her knowlege I wasn't dead). Anyways I go in feeling like its strep throut, they do a swap after asking lots of questions. It came up negitive and they said it was probably something, didn't give me any antibiotics - because thier profession and the rest of society abused them over the last 50 years and now we have super bugs immune to the "miracle cures" - but gave me another note (saying that I was sick or more likely that I paid them and because of that I could miss school for 2 days) and told me to come back if I got sicker. After a day and a half of sleep (what I would have done anyways) I felt better aside from the fact that I had to wake up for an hour the day before to have someone tell me that they didn't know what was wrong with me.

Sorry if this isn't a usual post, I needed to rant.

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Standing in a puddle of drool...

19.43.35 - Mark

over this

I wanted a Sigma SD9 last year, and I want the SD10 this year. Until the Foveon X3 chips came out I was very anti-digital. Thats not to say I haven't used digitals, I've used them since the Kodak DC50s (read since when digital cameras demanded the latest and greatest Quadras for image processing)

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$50 to happiness

20.53.20 - Mark

Contrary to what ever Hershey's says happiness is not found in choclate (comes close but not quite) Happiness is in the $50 order of computer parts being shipped across the country just for me. I finally made one of those allelectronics orders I've been meaning to make for forever. So in a few days I'll have 4 CCFTs, a handfull of connectors and jacks, a crud load of wire and a lith-ion battery with charger I hope to apply to the GT-270s I love so much Now the question is when do they arrive?

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*&^%ing cybersquaters!

18.26.15 - Mark

This pisses me off a whole *&^%ing lot. Assholes like buydomains.com are chargeing an arm and a leg for domains that should be freely avalible. I want a domain they claim to is a "Premium Domain" which means that even if I want to use it for a project site I need to pay them AT LEAST $688 and if they so decide upwards of $10000 *&^%ing dollars. Hell they proudly display some names that they insist on getting $10000 dollar for. This is highway robbery, these cybersquaters should be shut down and thier CEOs shot.

Goddamn *&^%ing cybersquatting pigs!!!!!

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M$ + intellegence = Does not Exist

21.32.08 - Mark

Windows XP on an Apple Powerbook 3400

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The Mentality of laptops

01.29.44 - Mark

Having a laptop is a neat way of seeing how people react to the new and different. Case in point: I've been hauling a 5300cs around for about 2 weeks now and the responces I get are priceless. Most boil down to "Is that a laptop?" "Is that your laptop?" and "Is that a Mac?" Supprisingly I don't get alot of grief about it being a Mac, considering that NC seems to be IBM country and 30 miuntes down the road is Red Hat Linux HQ.

Anyways while the questions usualy stop there there are the occasional ignorants that really make hauling a 6.2 lb laptop around with me. A couple have been at lunch. One was "Why do you bring that to this shit hole" - that was more of his facial expression - it looked like he was staring at a huge diamond. The other good lunch one was "Does that have Wireless internet" - I said it could then- "Can I check a couple porn sites on that?"

The other two have been in Science by the same ditz, but I've added extra responces. She usualy asks if I'm sure it's my laptop, and I love the consistant look she gives off when I tell her - honestly - that "Yeah, its one of the eight I own"

I see the Mastercard comercial now: "One Laptop: $799" "One Laptop Bag: $39" "shipping: $23" "comments you recieve for haveing a laptop at school: priceless"

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Mods, Mods, Mods

16.37.07 - Mark

Yes I've been modding - a lot. Since it looks like the deal planned on is going south faster and faster as the deadline approches I'm going to upload a 6400/200 mod and a fractalbook writeup after Dec 5th if the deal doesn't fix itself. The other thing I'm doing is an Airport Mod. I got this last week off eBay for a measly $40 and got it today. Right now the case is soaking in mineral spirits that should eat the paint right off. Then theres that can of Transparent Green Paint I picked up last week. I'll post that after I have photos and a write up, likely about the same time as the others assuming the deal does go south.

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Two Weeks?

12.05.30 - Mark

Time flys when you're hacking like crazy. There have been several projects going full bore since I last blogged, and blogging and site updates haven't been among them. Among other things I put together a community service project, rehacked the FractalBook while pulling off a AC/Soundboard repair and I have nearly finished a 6400 mod. Domemac has been at a stand still for a good reason that I can't really explain at the time being.

Then there are the WiFi adventures. I've picked up an Airport basestation for a low $40 that will hopefully arrive next week, got fractalbook Wireless under OS 9 (with wardriving software) as well as under X (after the fix mentioned above). I've also been messing with a PC Digital Pen camera with little luck. And for more Laptop fun I've been carrying around a 5300cs (at school) for the last week and with luck on Monday I'll be getting a couple 540c's (one is the PPC upgraded one I traded around about a year ago)

Plus I'm still turning a profit with all this fun. Life is good. Life is very, very good.

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It may be load but

23.21.20 - Mark

Aside from the fact that I need to get back into the habbit of bloging I've created a new monster with the DomeMac. At the moment I've got it set up with 1 CDRW, 1 CD, 1 8GB, 1 4GB, 1 2.1GB and 3 2GB hard drives. In other words I've got 6 (loud) hard drives totaling 20GB set up for capturing video, with a CDRW drive to back them up and a CD drive telling me that I need to swap it out for a DVD drive. In even simpler words I've got a basic DVR good for about 4.5 hours of captured video (more when compressed), in addition to its many hours of MP3s and a quick simple way of backing up those movies. Now if I had an MPEG compesstion codec I could turn out VCDs.

mmmmmmmm.... video capture........

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