The Day After Tomorrow

12.53.57 - Mark

I went and saw The Day After Tomorrow and all I can say is its a good popcorn flick, and not much more. Lots of chaos, panic and disaster, but the science behind it is complete BS. Well not complete but there is no way in hell it would occur in the mere days the movie depicted. Physics were off (like Deep Impact), science references were off (Deep Impact again) and the plot is one of those been there done that things (The Core, Armageddon, etc)

Still for a popcorn flick it was pretty good. Amazing seamless CGI, fun, if clueless characters that were at least acted well enough. Well there were even some phreaking references (payphones draw current from service lines, tho' all phones that don't use a wallwart use power from the telco) Did I mention flash freezing? Now thats cool (I don't know if that pun was intended or not.)

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OK Jacob

16.12.09 - Mark

OK, since you are too fscking lazy to add a comment function to your blog I'll post my reply here.

For anyone else the post I'm referring to is somewhere on this page

[bunch of clips about John Kerry]
"That'll give the bush bashers something to think about before they open their mouths."

Since you label me as a Bush basher I have given that stuff though and rants before (hell Ivan you read my blog) Frankly, I don't disagree

Kerry is clearly and undisputedly a republican democrat. He's filled with more self contradictions that most full blown republicans could even dream of. I don't want a Bush but at least bush has some sort of pseudo spine - look at how willing he has been to fuck up the country... Kerry is so inept that he doesn't rate as high as fish of the evolutionary ladder. IF Kerry gets into office the only way he'll be known is if he one dies (hopefully letting a competent VP take office) or when he practically lets another nation (or regime) walk all over us which will be infinitely more likely than him buying the farm.

As I've said before I'm going to hate selecting which idiot gets to be an overrated figurehead with a bunch of assumed abilities because congress to too busy catering to the RIAA and MPAA with crap laws with clever acronyms (DMCA, bastard sons of the DMCA, PIRATE, CANSPAM) to bother with trivial things like say reading the constitution.

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HHGttG Radio Series

13.45.32 - Mark

OK, since my post on the movie, and how the guy doing the adaptation says he used the radio series as a guide I've been thinking about buying the BBC's HHGttG radio series box set with DNA interview. Of course the BBC seems to think we colonists are trying to win independent and therefore only have their productions available in the UK. he he he. Thankfully I live in the digital age and the redcoats don't have to know I'm a dog (err, american) and amazon.co.uk is more than happy to sell be the boxed set at a mere $65 and shipping. Now to figure out how to pay them for it (since my favorite plastic card won't act like a credit card and I'm too impatient to send a MO)

Ivan, you've got *&%ing mail.

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H2G2 not dead yet

12.26.11 - Mark

OK, I know there are lots of people out there (and at least one reading this) who are thrilled and terrified about HHGttG becoming a Disney Movie. While its still in shooting (mere weeks) I think theres a good chance that it won't be a complete and total bomb. Why? The guy that did the screenplay seems competent, or psychotic. Either way he seems like he can fill in holes left by DNA in his inital script. Why? Because I read this.

A self interview sounds like something DNA would do (and probably did) When this comes out I'll probably go to the theater with my towel (cuz a hitchhiker should always know where his towel is)

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01.24.08 - Mark

My eyes are blurry, there's the distinct smell of molten tin and lead with a trace of evaporated rosin in my nostrils and my upper back is telling me that I've been hunched over a work bench for over an hour and a half. Yep I've been soldering.

Specifically reworking some bits on an LCD I want to mount (with PB 520) into my already gutted and cleaned Mac Plus Shell. Once I get that done (and it could be a very long while since I'll only be able to mod weekends starting now) I'll work on getting the peltier junctions and supporting metal work prepared. Then Add insulation and power and I'll have the fridgemac

Well it won't be that simple but compared to this soldering of really really really small pads and wire wrap wire (really really really thin wire, like 40 gauge) that crap will be do-it-in-your-sleep easy. Assuming I don't muck up really really really badly I'm going to have one really really awesome Minifridge.

Yes, I do think I've used up my "really" allocation of the week, there are 13 "really"s in this post.

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Coming at me slowly...

17.42.10 - Mark

Graduation is nearly upon me, and while it has been speeding at me all week, the school in its incompetent manner is going to cushion the blow by having all of the seniors, myself included stand in a hallway for 40+ minutes. I had to do the same thing with my parents last Sunday for a service of celebration (which blew, both standing in line for 30+ minutes and the event itself). At least then I was near people with an IQ over 4, tonight the people around me are typical ignorant masses of mostly water. (a good reason to demolish Earth for a hyperspace bypass, except there are a few intelligent beings here, dolphins excluded)

[I love sci-fi references. Can't you tell?]

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First and Last Exam

10.21.22 - Mark

Just finished my first and last exam for the semester, and the last for high school. Graduation tomarrow and then I'm done with HS. YES!!!!

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Now what?

17.15.49 - Mark

Ugh. My Fedora 2 server is out of my hands but isn't hooked up yet, schools over 'cept graduation, I start my staff position on Monday, and The heatsink I bought for my fridgemac is too big to mount onto the back of the gutted classic by about 2 inches. I don't know if (or how) I should cut it down. Then again I don't know how I'm going to do the rest of it either. Muck. I think I'll stew over it while I work on modding the front panel.

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Geek Day

23.27.15 - Mark

No school for me today, Towel Day was a nice way of wrapping up my 4 years in high school, at least everything except an exam and Graduation Practice. Anyways I geeked out today, managing to finish configuring an old P2/300 as a Fedora server, as well as a chance to play with my Newton 2000. I love how the handwriting recognition actually works (where my other newts couldn't handle it) unfortunatly I can't load any software. I think I'm going to appeal to someone on the Newtontalk list to help me figure out how to build a SER-001 clone. Thats gotta be cheaper than a Dongle ($25 on eBay) I was hoping to load some stuff from my 5300 but after checking the Newton IR FAQ (that I'm mirroring) says it won't work. Curse you apple, skipping out on newton features. I doubt theres even a 3rd party app that will work.

Doesn't help that I accidently wiped the newer software with older versions from my New 120's card.

Dumb. But hey, made for a good geek day

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Towel Day

11.40.56 - Mark

Today is Towel Day. My Towel is about six inches from my left hand (ironically with my Chaos Panic Disaster Think Geek button). No odd stares yet. RIP DNA.

(Extra note since I don't want to make it another blog entry - My Newton 2000 is out for dilevery according to UPS tracking. Of course that means anytime between 5 AM and 6 PM. I'll just hope it arrives before 3:08.

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I love Humanity, its people I don't like

12.20.34 - Mark

The famous Peanut's quote is playing on my mind a lot right now. These idiots I'm in class (confruiter app) right now are loud, rude, obnoxious, uncooth, arrogant, ugly pigs. No pigs are smarting that these ignorant masses of water and carbon. These social amobia are acting as if they're in a bar, singing country loudly and badly while surfing for pr0n, shopping for cloths, or day dreaming about escaping this community because they are incable of doing so in real life due to their collective IQ of 2 (give or take 5 points)

It pisses me off that by graduating this week I'm going to have my name engraved with these pigs, I'll admit there are some great minds here but they are by far the minority (of 124 graduating seniors, there might be 4 people I feel I could have an intellegent conversation with, maybe a 1, 1.5 dozen I feel I could bear talking with) Its really sad.

And Jacob, don't bring this up.

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Horrid PoS

11.46.17 - Mark

I know I only have 1.5 - 2.5 periods of confruiter app but I can't put up with Internet Exploder that long, Mozilla here I come.

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Revenge of the hammerphone

17.08.53 - Mark

OK last year I did Hammerphone also known as a dummy test of Rustoleum Hammer Black textured spray paint only conceived as a way of getting over that desperate urge to hack I get from time to time. Well it looks like it may not have been a wasted effort after all. The background on this is that I've been getting a number of hits from search engines seeking out "Nokia 918p hacks" or things of that nature. Well since I did that hack and even before I've been under the impression that the phone is useless and there's been no real point in keeping it. Turns out I'm dead wrong, as that Nokia was the first Nokia phone to be compatible with Tracfone, which believe it or not is my current provider.

In the words of Neo. "Whoa!"

So what does all this mean, well it means the phone is plugged in and charging and I'm scouring the web for info on how to program it to accept my tracfone minutes. After that, woohoo! My own cellphone!

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Shrek 2

16.38.36 - Mark

OK, so the bike trip didn't work out, but all was not lost. I ended up going to Shrek 2 For a sequel of a kids movie its really good. First, it doesn't suck, which for any sequel is an accomplishment in of itself. What really makes it stand out is that it isn't 100% kids. There were a number of gags where you could only hear adults laughing. Plus the hype around unreal amounts of product placement are unfounded. Yes there's a lot but its almost all satire. IE the Starbucks coffee shop is right across the street from another Starbucks coffee shop. Plus it does a great job of referencing all sorts of films, from LOTR to Mission Impossible to Garfield (three words I Hate Mondays) For a rainy after noon it was more than worth the $7-10 I had to fork over to the price gouging cinema.

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7.5 miles

13.38.48 - Mark

I went on another ride today, aiming for a geocache in Virginia but called it off after I crossed into Virginia. Among other things the heat was getting to me and it looked and felt like a storm was coming (it was, started raining 5 minutes after I got home) According to my GPS unit I pulled 7.5 miles in about 36 minutes (of travel, 45 minutes total) but thats pretty good. Most of it was hills and I wasn't going at a breakneck pace or at least didn't think I was. In any case I feel good about it and I'm really giving serious thought about building a small trailer and doing some light bike touring this fall

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Joy (not)

12.31.38 - Mark

Well I guess its tradition, any skewl PC I use has to have a version of internet exploder that refuses to load graphics. If I still have it Monday I'll DL Mozilla first thing, but seeing as I only have another 20 minutes of class and nothing I really need to see I'll pass on it.

Now where to find a Newton Keyboard...

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11.49.54 - Mark

No first period, second was easy, third I spent transfering a gmail account (fastest, cheapest $100 I've ever made) then turned around and paid for a Newton 2000 setup that should only need a battery refurb. Then in fourth I only need to watch videos and go home.

It shouldn't take me long to pop upen a Bawls in celebration.

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11.58.04 - Mark

I'm on a different PC today and I hate it. I've been using one (that sounded like a 747 at takeoff) but at least I had installed Mozilla on it (making it bearable to use)

Anyways today's been a real dog, fortunately its the essential end of school for me (only one exam thankfully). Among other things the exhibitionist, egotistical, opportunistic administration held an assembly today for academic success. It was total BS. Most of the awards were repetitive and it seemed like everyone and the dog got one. To add insult to injury most of the "academic" awards required the winner to be active in sports. Only in this hell hole.

My brother got more than a handful of awards, all of which he didn't want and could care less about. If he burns them I wouldn't blame him. He was trying to get out of coming to school today because of the BS.

Oh well. My classmates (but by no means my peers) are surfing for porn (the sick, Iraqi at the hands of red neck Americas) since the teacher's eyes are dilated (eye exam) while I'm awaiting for 4th so I can blow though a test and watch Timeline (movie de jour, I can't believe its out on tape already - must have been a quite release)

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Bawls. Pizza. Tripping

20.57.50 - Mark

I've got a cold Bawls a warm pizza and I'm about to enter a mini marathon of Tripping the Rift.

I am in one hell of a good mood. (what a difference a few hours makes...)

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Let's see

16.54.51 - Mark

My body aches, the latest fedora build is taking forever to DL, I've got an ebay deal in limbo (trying to buy a newton) and I can't really do anything with the systems I've got set up right now. TV, as usual is no help since I hate the generic crap usually shown (tho' there is a new tripping the rift tonight) School is all but over and I'm bored out of my mind.

I hate this feeling of complete uselessness

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gmail and ebay

13.01.23 - Mark

I just listed my last gmail invitation on ebay as a one day auction.

Here's the auction

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20.06.09 - Mark

Fedora is still being a PITA. My idea is great and its starting to spread out in a good way, a really good way, but I've got until the end of the month to get a server up and running otherwise my summer is going to be very long. Anyways I'm slowly making progress. On the plus side I've got it on the local net, but my HAN isn't going to be of much help when I need it on the WAN.

Hell at this point I can't log into it remotely at all. FTP is a no go and I can't load anything off the WAN so I'm fcsked. To make matters worse I don't think PHP or MySQL is loaded, and I desperately need those packages to install Drupal (I know apache is there, thankfully.) Maybe this is where I got back to downloading Fedora core 2 final. Maybe.

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Here's your gun, theres your foot

15.38.02 - Mark

As I've already posted Macmod.com is back online, but it looks like they didn't even need to get to their grand reopening to shoot themselves in their feet. Apparently all mods need to be submitted in PDF format. PDFs are a real PITA Adobe has a pretty solid strangle hold on them (tho' apple is doing alright with them). Sure they have uses but they're slow and no where near being as compatible as HTML. We'll see, they already have a number of visitors, but I don't see it taking off.

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More Fun With Walmart

11.59.33 - Mark

This guy is a genius first class. He completely messed up walmart (on the day after thanksgiving too) after they fired him because of his coworkers.

Someone needs to add that to the eternal list of walmart pranks that floats around the web

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2600 Pages views?

11.38.22 - Mark

I know its a little optimistic but looking at my site traffic utility I could very easily have a new record month. I'm already over 1600 pages views, a record on its own, and while my visitors haven't totaled a new record they're on pace for a new record. Right now I'm estimating 2600 page views and and 750 to 800 visitors for the month.

I'm thrilled, my work and struggles may be helping someone. (::Takes pin and pops ego::) OK I'm back on earth.

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Poor (tired) fools

21.49.03 - Mark

I love caffeine, especially Penguin Mints, Red Bull and Bawls, but Jolt and Mountain Dew work fine as well. Anyways seems like I'm using caffeine correctly, according to a new report.

I pity the unwashed masses of ignorant caffeine users, especially the ones that spend $10 for a bar of chocolate thrown into a bland coffee.

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Little POS

18.04.51 - Mark

Linux (or at least Fedora) is proving to be a real pain, as I can't get it to see the onboard ethernet adapter or a cheap PCI NIC I had kicking around in the lab. Plus I can't do anything at all with the generic user, so I'm mucking about as root. There's gotta be some easy way of doing this...

Well I got the latest build, all two gigs of it, downloading in bittorrent, so that might help, seriously doubt it tho'. Expecially as it claims I have another 140+ hours remaining. I should have gone with an FTP mirror

Anyways time to get a drink...

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How long...

12.14.06 - Mark

Macmods.com claims that they will be reopening their doors at the end of the month. Frankly I think its BS. They've come and gone 3 or 4 times in as many years. Even when it was up it wasn't anything special, really just a collection of mods that to be honest they ripped from other sites. Granted forums aren't much better but building a site around the practice is plagureism. Granted I support the ideas behind copyleft but they rarely if ever linked back to the parent site. Hopefully that will change, they won't die an obscure death (or full on slashdotting) and there will be another community site dedicated to Mac modders (Applefritter will remain my favorite tho')

We'll see. I mean the idea for Tronbook was a brain child I had at AF after seeing Mercury and a clear iBook mod Mac mod hosted in the few short weeks they existed.

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Waiting on stuff

19.45.55 - Mark

Multitasking has its ups and downs. Right now I'm waiting for a download to finish so I can try an install the firewire USB card I've got kicking around. But in the meantime I've got 20-ish minutes to spare but I'm thinking about 1) downloading iTunes to fix a problem, 2) run the last fedora disc though disc copy so I can burn them in a little while and 3 mucking with the project server to try and get it online. I don't think anythings going to get done over any of those items tho'

Oh well, at least I'm getting better at touch typing, 'cuz I'm half blind from the visit to the eye doctor (not as bad as I feared, but I still forked over cash to hear things I already knew...)

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15.43.37 - Mark


I've got to go see another doctor today. As my nonexistent long time readers know I Hate Doctors, mainly because the only real advances they've made in the last hundreds (to thousands) of years are trivial matters. Unfortunately manners are really far down on the list of advancements. Way below the fees they charge to say "looks great! see you again in x months" At least this ones an eye doctor so at worse I'm out of my contacts until morning and get my eyes dilated. The really sad news is that this doctor is in a fucking walmart.

I hate walmarts. Large impersonal, chaotic, monopolistic corporate behemoths that flood local economies and kill off what ever remains of local businesses. At least Targets don't sell me tons of crap in bulk and the crap they do sell is at least well presented. One Walmart Supercenter I know of killed a once thriving business despite it being 3 miles away and outside the city limits (so they didn't have to pay taxes on the utilities the city handed to them on a silver platter.) The whole thing stinks.

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Going down, down, down

22.10.06 - Mark

Tech TV is doomed. Since this proposed merger with G4 TV (if you instantly thin oooh Mac TV, sweet, you're dead wrong) it keeps sounding worse. Leo Laport who is one of my favorite tech tv geeks doesn't seem to be moving over, bad enough. Now I'm watching this G4 TV preview and Tech TV is doomed. G4's programing (at least what I'm seeming) has crappy production standars and seems more like one of those Starz "Pay for our channel during our free preview weekend! ads" than honest to god useful or even entertaining programing. Its sad, really really sad. Hopefully they won't do too much damage to the few tech TV programs they are bringing back.

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21.00.05 - Mark

Google News has a problem with syncing images and stories so occasionally it leads to interesting mix ups. While I don't have a shot of it there's one with a story about 5 year old girls with a photo with a picture of Michael Jackson. Anyways here's mine, but you need to know about games to get it.

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Am I dead yet

19.43.02 - Mark

I'm aching in places I didn't know I even had. Of course I've worked close to 30 hours since 3PM Wednesday. It was entirely worth it. Seeing those kids running in a little after 5 made it all worth it. As they were playing it was great walking around taking in the whole view of the place while saying congratulations to everyone I've been working with. Despite being sore I feel great. Its amazing how far a project like that comes in a mere 7 days. I know it took months of planning and still has a few months to go before its done but seeing those kids run in. Damn that feels good. Anyways I'm watching Starship Troopers, and to be honest the book is a while hell of a lot better. Then again it's not as bad as Deep Impact, which has a complete and blatant disregard for physics and history. (Deep Impact is the Psychology movie de jour)

Now to fight with the linux box or do my homework...

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12.02.02 - Mark

I love Macs and I love Apple (I own an Apple tshirt and two series of think different posters) and I love surfing the Mac web because its filled with creative and intellegent users. However I'm really getting tired of them posting "Apple needs to do this" or "Apple is developing this and plans to release it"

Spymac is really bad about the later, and Lowendmac is pretty bad about the former. Sure a little speculation is good (but not to Spymacs degree) and I don't mind some discussion on what Apple is doing but when you get 5000 Mac users writing about the pains involved with the price of 10.4 (which I bet won't appear until Fall) or how the 4th revision on the iPod will without a doubt have a video play back device built in gets to be too much.

Get over it people, speculate and dictate all you want but it is an exercise in futility. Why don't you take all that ability and use it to teach. Seriously all my major hits come to see the stuff I build and what I post about how I did it and how I would do it again. Most of the rest are looking for info I've collected. Sure I get the occasional link coming here because I either made a typo , posted something insightful or both ("iraqi prisions" from a few days back)

Well enough of that. I'm back to checking out mod sites...

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Mod Watch

11.47.55 - Mark

Well update on the thought processes of a modder. I'm currently pricing a heatsink and I'm waiting on the shipping quote. Once thats done I suspect I'll buy it, but I'm not 100%. We'll see. I'm still up in the air on the keywarriors. I'm tempted to place the order and resell what I don't use, but I fear I'll get too hooked to them and keep them for future projects (or worse blow them up after selling the spares) Really hard call. I'm also tempted to do another plexi mod with the thin sheet I've got kicking around. I saw a sweet mod the other day and unfortunatly it really stuck me with that "oooh I wanty" feeling. Maybe as a projecter project I've been musing on for a while....

Somedays I hate this hobby, then I see what I end up doing and learning

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Cool site, sad story

23.31.46 - Mark

One of those things that I've been thinking about doing has been more long distance cycling. A few weeks ago I went geocaching with my bike and did twenty of the best miles I can ever remember traveling. I also remember reading up on some things after that trip. One site that really caught my attention was Ken Kiefer's Bike Pages. When /.ed posted a story on bikes I decided to take another look, and unfortunately I learned the the webmaster of the site, Ken Kiefer, died about 8 months ago. Really sad. There's a ton of useful information on the site and its sad to learn that the mind behind it died. If you like cycling I seriously suggest you l look over the site, even if its only a mind interest.

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12.43.26 - Mark

I know people have been modding cars forever but this modded VW Bug brings a new meaning to open air vehicle.

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Behold The Power of Blogger

12.05.37 - Mark

I've been looking at my site tracker and I've realized that there's really a lot of hits coming to this blog. Admittedly a lot of its from recent news (misspelled unfortunately, thats something I'm trying to correct with a spell checker) But for some reason blogs attract attention. Maybe there's some truth to the rumor that blogs are hitting search engines in a negative way (maybe google needs a no blog option?) I don't know, but still a large number of hits coming to my site are related to blog or blog like entries (from the old main pages) so they obviously have influence. Not that I suspect mine does. This random moment of enlightenment brought to you my a bottle of Bawls, irritation with Fedora and a sleep deprived teen.

PS if you think there is something useful on this blog post a comment. I want to know

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More pain

23.59.39 - Mark

Went down and helped with the playground build again, still worth it, and still amazed at how many people fear power tools. I swear its like "Power tools? Ahhhhhhhhh!!! I'll loose a hand!!!" Its all mindset. If you don't fear it you can get the work done, but oh well people are ignorant pigs.

The only downside today was I got my Nostromo n50 Gamepad (check the archives back a couple weeks for a picture) right before I went down to work so I didn't get a chance to play with it until the last few hours. Then again I don't have USB on my main system so its kinda a useless device right now. Maybe I need to retry my combo card.

Plus I still gotta get the fedora box working, so maybe its a good thing.

Anyways I'm tired. Later

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DNA and H2G2

11.53.57 - Mark

Three years after the death of Douglas Noel Adams, famed author of The increasingly inadequately named Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (I've read 5 of the 6 books, still gotta get Salmon of Doubt) The movie is in production.

On May 11th, the real anniversary, the cast and crew gathered on the studio lot and took a photo to launch the movie site and blog.

All of that is here. And don't panic, I skipped the crappy flash intro for you.

And remember, Towel Day is on May 25th 2004 (two weeks after the sad loss of DNA)

Towel Day Banner

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11.23.41 - Mark

Just checked my site counted and in the last hour I've finally topped 5,000 visitors. Many are probably repeat visitors but its still 5,000+ I passed 10,000 page views earlier this month but those two great milestones. Sure a pitance compared to a /.ing but I don't think thats a trivial number. Lifts nonexistant drink. Heres to thousands more.

(The Yes could also be for the huge breakfast my class made in second period. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sasuages, toast, fruit, hashbrowns, juice and more. It was a good thing as well)

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23.30.00 - Mark

I'm exhausted. I spent 5 hours today working on a playground. Its one of those community projects, they're actually got a website at buildadreamplayground.org. I got involved a while back for a design day they did last fall. They were short handed this afternoon so I went down and helped. Its really fun, if you can call hard labor fun. If you ever get the opportunity to be part of a similar build I highly recommend it. Even if you aren't "skilled labor" (translation can use a circular saw, power drill and a tape measure with some degree of intelligence) its still a great experience. I plan on going back tomorrow and or friday in addition to the Saturday and Sunday I signed up for.Its almost like building a house in a week. Unfortunately 5 hours of cutting drilling and hammering nails didn't do much to correct my two tone tan. Still its a great experience. I mean where else are people wowed by the fact that you know how to use power tools? Plus it betters the community and its parks which is something I love doing anyways. If you don't believe me just find someone else who has done one of these builds. Most people, even the ones mopping stain on to 2x4s loved the experience and said they would love to come back for another day of work. Words can't really describe the experience, its mind blowing.

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11.29.06 - Mark

A while back there were reports and interviews with a English Phychologist who was talking about the psychology o music in general and more specifically iPods. The articles covered the signals people send of with headphones, ie when you take them off, how people act when you keep them in, the different signals a set of iPod earbuds may send as opposed to some black retro 80's headsets, and so on and so on. Google "psychology ipod music" and it pops up in a few places. However I decided to try it at school and supprisingly it works and it work well. Plus two of my teachers don't mind (my earbuds are black and chrome ones from my Rio Volt and are very obvious)

Anywhoo My batteries died late into my last period so I tried finding my rechargeables and wallwart. Except they aren't working. The wallwart I found didn't have enough amps behind it so it the batteries worked they didn't charge. It didn't even have enough juice to spin up a disc so I took them both out. Dumb

The D'oh! moment comes in about 10 minutes ago when I realized I didn't grap my MP3 or iTMS CD. Dumb. Maybe I can find a good internet radio stream to get through computer app (and watch the birds in 4th)

Edit: Damnit. These stupid skewl computers are more fcsked up then anyone realized. I just snook a look at the ports and the USB ports are ripped to hell (no metal contacts on any of them) and all of the audio ports are packed with paper (or corse resesed so you can't dig it out) The fact that they work is nothing short of a miracle, cuz our tech ape has the technical skills of my dog (just above eating boards and licking hot soldering irons) To add insult to injury the class started playing some crappy 90% advertizing radio station and one of the more abrasive voices in the class is threating to start singing. Please shoot me.

Edit 2:Almost forgot that I've got a radio function on my Rio Volt. So I try and dial in an NPR station (or anthing that isn't shitty) but I'm in the middle of 3 NPR stations and none of them have great coverage. Of corse that isn't complimented by the shitty antenna the Rio Volt has, the 1'+ layer of bricks between it and the great outdoors and RF noise 25 craptacular computers are piping out, so all I can pick up without unbearable ammounts of static is a country station that has enough wattage to get to Central Ohio and Knoxville TN. Ugg I hate the crap they're playing. And I've still got over half an hour to go

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Uggg, not another PBFH

12.30.18 - Mark

A long long time ago, in a house far far way. Well In nano units anyways. Well long time readers (as if) may remember my exploits with a wonderful little Wallstreet I dubbed the PowerBook From Hell (PBFH for short)I think they are floating around the 2002 and 2003 archives with bits in the wearable section

This lovely little system was a castaway from a local business and I ended up sinking about $70 into it pretty quick, and with no real luck. This wallstreet was a bain of my existance for months before I called it quits and dropped the project. Since then I've been using it to patch the FractalBook a slightly more powerful Wallstreet. Anyways It too is really starting to give up the goast. The most recent problem is that if you touch the display it goes retro 70's hippy on you (vertical multi colored bars acting like a cheap screensaver), which isn't good. Granted I could sell it to an art museum but I've got enough PBFH parts left over that its worth another shot at repairing. If nothing else I may try recoving some value and going back to using it for a wearable, since my brother has wisly decided that it isn't worth all the problems.

I guess I'll find out this afternoon if I don't go riding or go help with the local playgound building effort. Ahh, powerbook surgery with a pocket knife.

So he's seeking out a newer iBook with similar specs. And I may scavenge a book out of the parts mess (or eBay, I LOVE eBay)Anyways I'm done, going to go read some more Starship Troopers while listing to MP3s (I need an iPod)

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Some days...

23.59.55 - Mark

I swear this is the last post of the day ('cuz its merely minutes til tomorrow) but the last seven-ish hours have been a PITA.but it is done. Fedora is up and running, the would have been PBFH is running (thanks to a MLB swap) but it still doesn't see a battery, which is still a major complaint. I'm tempted to tell him solar but I don't think that would go over too well. I swear that swap was much harder than it should have been. The main thing was I couldn't find the right fcsking screw drivers. Took forever to find the right one (one of the ultra-mini torx drivers caused me a couple hours of grief). Fedora has been a pain as well. Thankfully its linux and I was able to use a keyboard for everything (I don't have a PS/2 mouse) I'm debating if I make copies of Fedora tonight or after school tomorrow. I gotta remember to set up a knompix disk as well Meh I'm exhausted, and I think I'm going to go unconcious mode pretty soon. course I really need a shower now. Between riding the fastest mile I can remember (free computer, your project, my office - some of my favorite words :D ) and hours in a basement with little cooling and working next to a bright light bulb will work up a good sweat.

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Attack of the geek

20.28.27 - Mark

Dang I'm posting a lot today. Oh well its not as if I've got something better to do right now. Well I do but I'm pushing the PB surgery a little while I want to start installing Fedora first. My friends at 802link and Trificient They're kindly letting me set up a P2/300 that they were planning on junking or dedicating to parts as well as a set of Fedora discs (saving me the 4 700 MB Dls) So I'm mucking with that writing this entry with Fedora loading on a system and keyboard to my right, its monitor right above a 640x480 apple monitor pushing iTunes visuals while by system plays music over the stereo. As for me I've got a package of cookies and a Cherry Syrup Sprite mixed drink sitting in a half lotus position acting like a not so generic geek.

Well its installing on its own now so I guess its time to hit the PB with a screwdriver. Hopefully it won't stop me from enjoying 24...

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Yes No Yes No

18.51.05 - Mark

Staying on the hardware subject and straying from patching together semi-functional pieces of shit I'm back to debating on projects. The mini fridge hack is at a standstill until I can get the needed metal and/or courage to start the insane soldering process the fount bezel component is going to need. Thats about the same place the Gibson is at again except it needs metal and 1/4" sheet plexi and a lot of it. So I'm left with my technical musings.

One of those projects I keep putting off and putting off and putting off are my custom keyboard/input devices. Codemercs.com has the inputs I want and I can get them and most of the supporting electronics for about $100 and shipping (say $25) The retailer in Germany is even OK with paypal. But the problem is I don't know if I'm really itching to pay that much. I mean there's also the cost of switches and the copper clad board plus etching supplies.

I guess I could work out some details on this sandbending idea I've got (William Gibson, semi-obscure Idoru reference google it) but that would require building something to melt metal with. I don't even know if the idea would work that well to begin with.

Err decisions decisions

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Very Nice

11.44.21 - Mark

I'm still getting over how nice some of the new blogger features are. I mean the profiles are nicer than I thought they would be. In a mere 12 hours I've gotten several extra hits for my main site (Right here in case you missed the obvious links already on this page)

On a similar note I'm starting to use my gmail account some more, and its also pretty nice. I'm leaving it open in a browser window and when I get a message it pops up. Not quite as nice as a "PING" from my POP mail client but not too bad.

Well unfortunatly I need to go back to class. The Luser teacher just discovered Live365.com and is thinking about putting on some industrial (and I quote "Oh, Thats a new one")

Ahh to be old and ignorant...

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They say terrorist, I say video game

17.48.07 - Mark

This is really disturbing. Go down to "The Google Terrorist"

Bush claims to know that Iraq has WMDs and can't prove it and instead the FBI is googling video game characters. Dumb. This terror crap has gone way too far.

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01.13.48 - Mark

Been exploring some of the new blogger features, and some of them are really cool. In the last few hours a number of people in the blogger community have been building up profiles and such. A lot of the stuff is sweet. I can't wait to look at some other profiles tomorrow during computer app. Its just awesome. I may even find some new blogs to read. Since google has taken over blogger has really grown. (and it looks like email posting works to an extent, gonna futz with that some more later)

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From the live-from-my-email-client dept.

23.17.07 - Mark

Well according to blogger.com I should be able to send off this email
and have blogger publish it with very little fuss muss or other hassle,
so we'll see in a couple minutes. If it works this could be very fun.
(if not pointless as I ususlly have a browser open at the same time I
have a mail client open - but thats another story) Cool feature none
the less. BTW Comments look like they're working, and unlike my old
system I should get an email notice of new comments.

That is all.

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New features

22.22.50 - Mark

I'm trying to implement some of the newest blogger features, such as Blogger.com feedback (rather than the 3rd party tool I was using) Bear with me (like anyone will read this by the time I'm done ::) )

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She lives (finally god damn it)

21.45.10 - Mark

Took a few hour, long boring hours, but my G3 is working. At least in the mean time I got my order from PCMods.com (some EL lighting - wire and tubes - and rounded cables) and managed to remove the heat syncs from some peltier juctions I got off ebay months ago (as part of a fridge mac idea I had and I seem to be reviving) I guess the next step is to remove the old 4 GB drive and swap in the DVD drive (then get that working) Ugh upgrades are hell.

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Fscking computer

15.56.54 - Mark

I swear Beige G3s are the most tempremental system ever devised. My primary G3 has had over a week of downtime. At least now its limited to software hell. I think I'm approching a 10th reinstall of Mac OS 10.2 At least in the most recent attempt I managed to drag it up to 10.2.8 without it crumbling down. This might be the lucky attempt, since I plan on installing updates one at a time from software updater. Then I have to hope that it doesn't rebork itself when I pull the old 4GB drive and throw in the DVD drive. Anyways off to watch Alton Brown (Good Eats: Eat this Rock) while reinstalling 10.2. (crossses fingers)

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yeah, and how long will that last

12.08.49 - Mark

Well I've got to put give the RIAA credit for yet again shooting themselves in threir collective feet. Several labels are forcing Apple to raise prices While it is only 25 cents I think its outrageous. Not as outrageous as the $3 a song they were demanding (making an average album $30 or more) It still makes a CD about $15. Considering all of the restrictions that the DMR is imposing I think that the $.99 song is dead on. Bloating the price to those as high or higher than a physical CD with no restrictions is complete and utter bullshit.

Wake up music industry, your days of selling overpriced crap are over. We demand the ability to buy single songs that we choose, and I don't want to pay you 3 times the value of the song to do it (and $1.25 will probably get me to cut back on iTMS)

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I really don't want to be an American today

21.44.10 - Mark

Today is a really bad day to be an american. For one there's this shit going on with Iraqi Prisoners. Rapes, beatings, torture and other redneck like behaviour inflicted by Americans towards Iraqi prisioners in Iraqi Prisions for Iraqi crimes. I honestly want to know WTF those people were thinking, expecially since several of them were dumb enough to be in the photo. For the brave here's the link

The second screw of the day is one brought to me by the EFF. Apparently everyones favorite RIAA is lobbying for a law that makes your legal MP3/WMP/AAC/OGG collection perfectly illegal. Under the proposed law those of us with over 1000 legal songs in digital form can be thrown in jail for 3 years if we fail to propperly secure our tunes. If that isn't 1984 I want to know what is. Hell they don't even provide a set definition of propper security. Make sure to go to the EFF action center and look it over on your own.

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11.50.20 - Mark

Must resist urge to shoot self.

More tales from the hell that is confruiter app 0.

The god news is we're off of the databases are evil chapter. The bad news is we're on to the Powerpoints are good. (bashes head on wall, repeats, and repeats again)

You know those overused, over animated, goes off on half a dozen visual tangents POSes Microsoft has imposed on society. Almost everyone I know dreads the words "Hey Everybody! I've got this cool powerpoint to show you"

Right now the head dunce (teacher) is going over why powerpoints work. its ironic that shes saying that powerpoints make complicated information easy tounderstand. What a load of utter BS! Data is data, its up to the presenter to make it understandable. If anything the presentations most lusers create are boring, illconcieved and inundated with crap.

I'm doomed, we're probably going to have to sit though everyones dumbass presenttion in a few days.

(side note Apparently Hypercard is similar to powerpoint. Restrains laughing with tons of effort. For those of you not blessed with a Mac in the late 80s/early 90s hypercard is similar to the WWW and HTML, specifically hypertext - the creator of hypercard has said that a networked version of the inital idea would be on par with HTML.)

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Goddamned Fcskin' SOB...

12.49.40 - Mark

I HATE doing upgrades. This weekend I got my DVD drive and decided to play magical hard drives at the same time to save me some trouble (stops, ROTFLMFAO) My bastard hutated Beige G3 dicides against it hard drives start acting up system files start disappearing in boot managers, and my restore disc is batting something like .100 for booting the POS. Since yesterday afternoon when I started this charade I've managed to blow though 5. Pirates of the Carribean, White Squall, Master and Commander (really 1.5 times as my dad has started it on his own), 10.5 and The Last Samari (ran a series of disc utilities and optimizations) plus a few more hours of TV for Futurerama, the Simpsons, part of the Cubs game, and some more Adult Swim.

*&^$%)*&%&*(^$ this is fustrating (that was a string of cursewords I'm too tired to come up with)

Maybe tomarrow will bring about better luck.

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Curesed Weather

13.17.52 - Mark

Damn rain. My geocaching itch has been acting up for well over a week now and there was a big geocaching event about 30 miles from here. But the damn rain had to blow in and ruin my plans. And the damn rain isn't going to let up until Monday or Tuesday. So I'm at home wishing I wasn't watching movies waiting for the mailman to show up and hope I get my packege. Fat chance.

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