Just say no

10.56.18 - Mark

Since I'm never one to pass up a story about how Mayberry is ruining the wonderful city of Mount Airy. This whole mess involving a coulpe of short sighted idiots trying to build a Don Knotts/Barney Fife statue to compliment our Andy Griffith Statue (which I'm also not a big fan of) is just wrong.

First, TV Land (who paid for the Andy Statue) did not want it to be in Mount Airy, they wanted it to be in Raleigh as the show represented the state and not the city of Mount Airy. The only reason we actually got the Andy statue was because we're the home town of Andy Griffith and he asked TV land to put one here. Lastly this effort is a bunch of fans, the Andy state was given to us by a CBS/Viacom company.

Don Knotts is not related to Mount Airy in any tangable way, and was actually very dedicated to his own hometown in West Virginia. This effort is not part of a fan movement, it is a short sighted attempt at getting a few more tourist dollars out of the Mayberry theme before all of the real fans die off.

Yesterday I was downtown hanging out at a comple of shops (including my new favorite Mac Reseller Cybergear) and very few people in the community, as best as I can tell, want to keep milking the Mayberry Theme. It's a monster that has hit its prime and now that it has, it is very quickly going downhill. In 5 or 10 years these statues will be all but meaningless, and either the community will have moved on to other forms of tourism, taking advantages of the universal themes that we have in this area, such as the natural beauty we're privleged to be surrounded by (see also my posts on Raven Knob) or the fast growing Wine industry.

I'm sorry, but on this issue, I'm with CBS and the Don Knotts' estate. No.

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Better than alive

10.37.25 - Mark

I've been at the Raven Knob for nearly 3 weeks and for the first time in recent memory I really feel alive. I've had blisters on my feet, cuts and scrapes all over my arms and legs, and I wake up some mornings with my body acking all over, and I love it.

Right now my iBook and the camp's wifi network aren't getting along so well, so I haven't been posting things here (duh) or anywhere else and I've effectivly been cut off with some parts of the world, but hopefully I will fix that problem soon and start sharing some of my photo's here.

For now I'm putting a few images up on the camp's photo site (starting with Cub week) but like all camera men, I've very well hidden...

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02.36.25 - Mark

I think blogging here is going to be light for the next couple of months baring a nice surprise (and I'm hoping for that surprise) Raven Knob is calling and I have every intention of answering that call. I'm packed up and planning on leaving in the morning to start working on staff for the summer and doing something I truly enjoy as opposed to the miserable life experiences I've been on the receiving end since I started attending High School University.

As much as I would love for this little warning to fall into my archives, if connectivity falls tough, and this site looks inactive, it's because most trees don't come with power and ethernet. Not that I'm complaining about that. Part of the reason I'm looking forward to the next few weeks is to get off life's interstate for a while.


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Which day is it?

00.06.42 - Mark

I'm back, since last night actually but I needed sleep (I had at best 8 hours of sleep between Friday morning and late sunday night). I'm not a wedding person. I hate ties and my purpose at the after party is wall decoration and designated driver but it was a nice ceremony and it was good to see the extended family for something other than a funeral.

Lexington, KY was neat. While we mainly traveled we ate at a couple of great restaurants in the area (whose names I can't remember) and spent some time at a Bookstore (Joseph Beth Booksellers) where it kind of felt like they had cut my head open and scrounged around for books and authors I'm really interested in (and not in the over-packed superstore sort of way).

Finally, I think all hotels need to be offering free internet access in this day and age. While I didn't have my ClampBook with me seeing that WiFi and/or wired ethernet access was $10 a day was pretty outrageous. Considering all the bars and coffee shops in the area I know I could have found a free access point without much work.

Water Wall at Triangle Park Lexington, KY

Water Wall at Triangle Park Lexington, KY

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A graduation and a wedding

22.43.40 - Mark

This weekend is nuts. My brother's high school graduation was a few hours ago, and a cousin's wedding is a six hour (plus?) drive from here and is tomorrow afternoon. I'm in for a long drive tonight (and tomorrow morning) not to mention the return trip on Sunday. At least when I have light I can work my way though the graphic novels I picked up off amazon yesterday (I really like Amazon Prime) - Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns, and Alan Moore's Watchmen. This comic addiction started innocently enough, but its quickly becoming a black hole for my already small bank account.

Unrelated to the above, but explaining for the lack of recent posts below, it's weird how the empty and miserable, kind of depressed feeling I get when I'm overworked also shows up when I have almost no real obligations to satisfy. I'll work on that when this weekend is done.

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