10.19.25 - Mark

Amazon.co.uk is a just as good as the American version. While my package still hasn't arrived yet I emailed them yesterday and got a reply earlier this morning (Sunday) saying they were reshipping the CDs at no extra charge, and if for some reason both packages arrive I may keep them both. I'm certainly not trying to rip them off but seeing a company do that so quickly certainly makes me feel good about them. I've already got a link to Amazon.com in my links but I think they'll get more of a listing next time I update the pages.

Thank you Amazon!

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17.09.28 - Mark

I almost hate being home on the weekends. Right now I'm bored out of my mind. Nothing to do, my bank's ATMs are down so I can't deposit my check, the community is all but dead on the weekends, and while I would like to go to Winston Salem or Greensboro to see The Terminal (which of corse isn't in town because this hick community would be asking all sorts of dumb ass questions) I can't because my dad doesn't feel like it and the sadistic DMV officer I dealt with earlier this week says I can't drive. Plus my Amazon.co.uk order STILL hasn't come in yet. Bleh!

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Some Days....

21.32.18 - Mark

Some days rational anarchy seems like a better idea than others.

Today was one of those days.

I took the afternoon off from working at CRK to do some business is town, pay for an auction here, talk to a consultant on community improvement there, fight with the DMV, and fight and fight. I swear the DMV is the idea model of our government in inaction. Apparently the DVM officer things I'm some mentally slow, inept blind guy who is reckless and should not have a licensee. I swear, this people are completely oblivious to a little force called inertia, which is scary since their jobs are to deem people capable or incapable of driving 2 tons of steal at speeds up to and exceeding 70 MPH. I mean I can out think this bitch with my little finger, I bet she doesn't even drive.

She was deceitful, snobbish, rude, uncouth, and felt she had to hold on to the car for dear life. Plus her reasons for not giving me a licensee were BS. Everything could be explained. Ugh. It just pisses me off that our government is run by a bunch of incompetent sadists.

At least everything else went well.

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My turrets syndrome is acting up....

13.37.23 - Mark

Beeping beepin beep-beep beepin beep beerper beep beeeeeping beeps.

Yeah I'm more than a little pissed with Amazon.co.uk and the always wonderful USPS I ordered the HHGttG radio plays two weeks ago with an air mail and it got shipped the next day. Of course the *&^%ing *&^$%-heads muck it up and it still hasen't arrived. I'm pissed this service sucks, blows and swallows all in one sick movement.

It pisses me off even more that I don't really have anything to do right now.

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Food good

11.48.00 - Mark

Not camp food - thats the preprocessed crap like schools serve. I'm talking about hot off the grill pork barbecue. It wasn't the nice red Kansas City stuff (which I also love)but the Eastern Viniger stuff. I had a troop invite me up for dinner last night and they had cooked a huge helping of Pork - and it was good. It was beyond good it was mindblowingly good. Plus I got left overs- I'll be eating well for a few days, assumeing the other staff members don't get into it :)

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Nature Tech

13.29.12 - Mark

I love the great outdoors, of course thats a complete opposite of my other permen facination - technology. As I've posted I'm working at Raven Knob Scout Reservation and I love instructing. Anyways its Wednesday, temp is floating around 80 F and I'm sitting in frount of admin listing to the birds typing this message on a laptop over a wifi Network.

Yes. I do feel really good right now.

I'll have to post some of my experiances later since it looks like its set to rain (despite being fairly sunny)

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Miscellaneous Ramblings

20.38.09 - Mark

OK I know - I've been really bad about getting online at camp but give me a break its work. Well that and my laptop lacks a battery and I'm about 20 feet short of a decent WiFi Signal (so I'll be off to eBay to try and find a decent antenna once I post this) Aside from that my room and lab are both disaster areas and I had nothing to do with it (scary), but I should be getting a better area. Aside from that the DomeMac hasn't gotten anywhere, I think I might need to get another 5x0 to gut for the Fridge Mac, I think I killed my Newton's MLB, I have a pile of stuff I need to get on eBay, and I now have three gMail invites - of course they aren't worth too much anymore. On top of all that it seems as if some of my hacking content is getting some positive attention. I'm getting more and more hits each month, with more and more page views per visit. In other words people want my content. Feels good :) I think it may be time to come up with a content policy. Anyways off to get that antenna...

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Natural Sugar Overdose

17.58.59 - Mark

Went and picked cherries up in the Virginia Mountains and while we only intended to get a couple pounds we walked away with something closer to 20, in addition to whatever we ate while picking. Natural sugar goooooooood. Plus the view was sweet. Top of a mountain looking over a valley with more mountains on the horizon. Aside from the unstable ladder I can't think of too many things that feel better than standing in a cherry tree, eating cherries off the stem looking at a priceless view. We talked with the owner, who is one of those people that goes from idea to idea to idea to idea, and makes it work. Her latest venture is a PBS series to complement a series of books on simple living. Of course my web skills got dragged into it (no, it wasn't a self-plug), so I may end up doing some stuff with this site but I can't imagine what. It looks great already.

Anyways I know I haven't been blogging much, since I've been working all week helping to get my area ready at Camp Raven KnobI'll try and be better, I mean there's one very big wifi hot-zone there. 'cept my 5300 is on its last legs, and I don't know if I'll be able to fix it this time (the last few times all it needed was a little solder. However Matt says he's going to let me use his Laptop (FractalBook)) if I want. I'll probably take him up on his offer. I want to shoot myself after touching those P1s the camp uses for general use. In any case I will have a new laptop by the end of the year- period.

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