18.53.42 - Mark

What ever I'm being paid, all of a sudden its not enough.

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23.47.52 - Mark

I'm home, for a day at least and I figured to make a blog entry. My first few days have been interesting (that might not be the right word) Between guessing WTF I need to do I've also been listing to the 4 other people in my area. For those of you whol like insane statistics the camp will see about 4300 campers in 7 weeks. My area, with its five staff members, will see about 2700 of those campers. On top of that the area is nice and leaky, and the camp doesn't want to fix anything as it will be seriously updated next year. For the time being buckets and a jerry-rigged tarp and twine system (proudly help up by half a box of nails, 3 clips of staples, and two rolls of duct tape). For a plus tho' it is air conditioned, about 20 feet from my bed, and has a staff fridge that stays a couple degrees above freezing. Then theres my pay, but 1) I don't know what I earn, 2) I'm not sure I want to know and 3) won't know for 2 weeks or so.

If this doesn't get me one of those nice white jackets that make me feel like I'm huging myself, I don't know what will.

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22.44.02 - Mark

Don't expect a ton (or any) blog entries for a while. I've taken a job at a summer camp and I start in about 14 hours and as it isn't exactly near a town I don't know how much time, if any, I'll be able to get online. Just so you know.

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09.48.29 - Mark

I feel my obsession with Plasma acting up again

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16.17.58 - Mark

New day new leaf, and one hell of a new headache. As you probably don't know I'm active in Boy Scouts, mainly because I love the outdoors and its an easy way to go camping with friends. Furthermore I'm fairly high up in rank, Life, in other words working on Eagle. And is it a headache, worthwhile if I make it, but at the moment I'm nervous as hell and my brain is being filled with Eagle project ideas and guidlines.

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12.37.40 - Mark

Damn, Sunday already!?! How the hell did that happen? This move is throwing my head way off. (I promice, real update by the 10th, its a special date in my site's history.)

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23.00.35 - Mark

Recently Motorola reaffirmed its commitment to the PPC partnership, at Disneyworld. The Mac web is saying that this is good for power hungry Mac users. I'd prefer to point out that Disney is not well known for eye balling the real technologies. As proof look at futureworld, all of them, and how grossly inaccurate they were.

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03.13.52 - Mark

MMMMMMMMMMM, DSL reconnected.

Tho' I now feel that while moving is hard it is also hell. I mean hell. I've gone all week with very little sleep, usually staying up until 3 or 4 AM. The plumbing has been FUBARed since Monday (tho' that was fixed earlier today) The phone and DSL were out for most of yesterday and a large of the day before. I've also been shocked (don't lick live phone wires, 'special the green one) Streched, starved, bumped bruised, and all around worn out. In other words, moving isn't the world's greatest experiance.

On a positive note I think I found the plexi I need for a Gibson style hack and I've recut a couple panels for the Phoenix I also gave it a very nice cleaning when I was doing the G3 (Way too much dust)

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18.50.31 - Mark

Ironic, a minister who doesn't want to take calls for God.

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18.26.55 - Mark

Moving is hard work.

I spent last night in my families new house and we're moving everything from the crap rental to the new place and one parent now claims to have arthritis the other threw he arm and back out, the youngest son would most likely be crushed by most of the furniture, and that leaves me and the middle brother to move just about everything. And of course we're still doing some redecoration so supprise, theres junk everywhere, and the piles are usualy in the way of where ever the big stuff needs to be. Fun.

Oh well, DSL and Phone are moved over Day after tomarrow, the DirectTV dishs are moved tomoarrow wether permitting and at some point I'm going to have to wrie a dozen phone and ethernet connections, give or take 6. At least this means I get a router. Funny how the demand around here has gone up for one, I guess that means that its coming at some point.

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01.23.34 - Mark

(really) Weird observation:

"Mark"s seem to be drawn to 1) Macs, 2) Hacking, and 3) combining items 1 and 2

I'm Mark Welker and I hack macs, I just emailed to a person named Mark reguarding iMac ATX case conversions with a URL from xlr8yourmac.com, oddly enough written by another person named Mark. Further proff lays in an Applefritter hosted hacker, named Mark Fisher (creator of Red Rocket, among others at Applefritter)

I think thats all for this really weird observation.

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