11.58.00 - Mark

I've recently finished listing to the First two books in the form of the BBC4 Radio Series, and they are good. Now whats really cool is that the last books are now being made into radio plays. Link here The initial cast, the same concepts and like the movie following DNA's wishes.

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It's eBay time again!

12.45.15 - Mark

Just put up some more stuff on eBay, this time it's a copy of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Radio Series. Listing here. Now to see if the plan comes together ::grin::

Anyways, camp is going OK but next week will be hell. Largest week, smallest staff. Then close down. Ugh. We'll see how it goes I guess. And after that I should get back to making more blog entries. Hopefully at least...

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20.48.22 - Mark

Cursed evil! I have to download a Micro$haft program to view some files on my otherwise M$ free system. Bleh! Evil. Geeze, what I would do to watch Stargate Atlantis...

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Life, Liberty and the persuit of unsanity

17.43.54 - Mark

OK, so life goes on and camp allows less and less time for the fun stuff like blogging. Such is I guess. Anyways I had to cover an extra hour of sessions last week, translating to an additional 40 kids. Next week looks worse with groups of something near 30, 30 and 50 [bleh!] and none of those are extremely easy to cover in the time I'll have. So yeah. Next week will be hell. On top of that it looks like We'll have the fewest staff on the largest week, which again ain't good.

I may have cooked up a new project idea, one that kinda spoofs an idea presented by William Gibson, however I don't know if it will work quite yet, pretty sure it will tho' Besides, the chemical reaction required would be fun in its own right [grin]

I've also got a couple of potential jobs lined up after I'm done with Raven Knob. The local arts council is interested in putting some stuff up on eBay and for what ever reason my name popped up (wonder how...), one potential job with a local tech company, plus another potential job updating another local site. And thats on top of what I'm trying to work out with the Chamber of commerce and local businesses for starting a community site.

Anyways, I'm going to go try and enjoy some stuff before I have to go into what will be my hell week. {shivers}

Side-note: Unsanity is an odd reaction to "Insanity" because it sounds like insanity is implying In(side) Sanity, or a condition of regular mental capacity. Which is wrong, hence unsanity more clearly meaning not sanity, lack of sanity or something along those lines.

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So Sue Me

23.30.39 - Mark

Yeah, I know its been a good long while since my last post, but hey Raven Knob has been keeping me busy. In the mean time I have been trying to write some essays that I may post in the blog, or more likely on my main pages. I might code in some of the other stuff I've wanted to post before (such as non-computer photography)

Anyways I got not one but both of my Amazon.com packages in the mail over the last week as well as some other trivial things like some rebates. (not that anyone cares except fro Jake who is now going to insesently bug me for a copy) I also bought the Dilbert series on DVD (All other members of DNRC raise your hands)

I'm sure there's some other trivial stuff I could comment on, like seeing Bowling For Columbine, rediscovering The New Red Green Show, or some other trivial aspect of my life, but honestly I don't feel like it. It's midnight and its been a long week I just felt obligated to post something after reading about blogger burnout...

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