10.53.02 - Mark

Only 2.5 weeks of employment left, and unfortunatly only 2.5 weeks of summer break left as well :( And to think that none of my potential summer projects were completed, er, even started. Thats depressing in a bad way.

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20.58.22 - Mark

The weather in North Carolina is totally SNAFU. At the moment you can see both a sunset and lightning. Plus it happened at camp the other day as well, lightning and a full moon. Now that just screams messed up to me.

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20.18.41 - Mark

Does this REALLY supprise anyone???

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19.58.18 - Mark

Back - again. Still over worked and dramatically underpaid. Still fun tho' so no big problems, except the bouncing checks ::rolls eyes:: Getting a ton of reading done as well- at the moment I'm in Hackers by Steven Levy, All Tommarows Partys by William Gibson, and started The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Heinline (I know there are typos there somewhere) And this does nothing to help me with a BS reading requirement for senior engrish. (1984 here I come - in a week or two)

At least at camp we're half way though the summer, and then some. But still 1000 people in camp is a little more than a small headache. But hey, money is money. Maybe I'll do an update to the main site tonight, maybe.

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22.38.59 - Mark

Woah, new interface for blogger. I wonder how it works in all those non-standard browsers I love to use. Anyways I'm still being overworked and under paid (about $1 an hour) but its fun. Can't really think of anything else to post except that I went to a computer expo last weekend, and it sucked. I should complain to the FCC about bluestarshows (Super Computer Sale) and their false advertizing. 40 to 80 dealers my ass, at best there were 15, and probably not even that. Other than that enjoy the 4th of July, for those in the US at least, and hope that I can manage some form of update this weekend.


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