The all coveted 6 day weekend

15.02.18 - Mark

My school truly has a phobia of snow and ice. Since we got 5" on Sunday we've been called off everyday this week, except possibly friaday and they won't decided that until about 3 PM Thrusday. Oh well, I'll curl up with some more Caffiene and relax. Maybe I'll get to miss Friday as well. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm unplanned 9 day weekend

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Midwest my ass

21.16.41 - Mark

I'm stuck watching the news because of this storm (I shouldn't say news, this is more like Chicken Little) and they keep on saying the midwest got it worse, then cutting to a scene of Ohio.

No offence to Ohio but they sure as hell aren't in the midwest. Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconson Thats the midwest. I mean granted 5-7" is a mess but the news station is in an area reporting 3" Which is pretty low for this storm, then again they get half an inch and everything closes in the blink of an eye. Not that I'm complaining, I should be out of school for a good part of the week. :)

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Ignoring teachers and Warrenties Alike

20.07.47 - Mark

Today is good, first I mannaged to ignore nearly all of my teachers, recode alot more of my website (a complete revamp that should be finished over the weekend) I managed to get online downtown wirelessly, and recieved two packeges, one being parts from all-electronics - for projects from scanner repair to high voltage experiments and the other package was my clear epoxy for the dome mac. Good day indeed

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Shoot I'm installing spyware

12.23.41 - Mark

You know about Google News? and how it gets tagged onto some Google searches? Well according to todays advice from the idiot computer teacher those are "Ads and Spyware"

Shoot I'm screwed. Or rather would be, man I love Macs (and intellegence).

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Ignorance, way too much of it

12.22.37 - Mark

Morons, I'm sitting in a class of morons. I'm sitting in the back of the class as the rest of the dornes follow a moontone voice around the web bookmarking search engines for the umpteenth time on each of thier decaying unsupported Win 98 computers. Whats really sad is that they can't find search engines with search engines (like lycos, it took them three pages from another search engine to find it on the first page, first hit)

So I sit back here blogging trying to keep myself from laughing my ass off, or give myself a frontal lobodomy. And thats only because I finished my book and I'd rather not read 2600 for the 7th time in 10 days.


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Domemac Back on Track

22.55.48 - Mark

Well after loosing all my logs on its progress and running out of glue its back on track, I think.

I just finished paying for some more E6000 clear self leveling wonder glue (the same stuff I've been using before I ran out) Plus this stuff comes with some tips. That plus a three day weekend, and the fact that I'm off to look at some CCFTs and round cables I think I'm going to have a good break. Maybe I'll celebrate with a nice Bawls then recode some more of my website.

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Reagan 2.0, or why we don't allow Bush to think there's oil on the moon

20.07.46 - Mark

OK, I've been watching Dr. Strangelove again but come on, theres no way that Bush, "doesn't understand the physics of chocking on a pretzal" , Bush came up with this plan, or even endorsed it unless he was under the impression that the lunar soil was going to add some more lining to the pockets of his oil drilling buddies. I mean look at the white house press release, Moon's abundent resources are clearly mentions, so isn't it hitting anyone else in the head that maybe when we've built and sent our little Manned Mars Mission off on its little trip some undisclosed, American corporation, will pick up a nice prime piece of lunar real estate, with some O2, H2O, pus some used industrial equiptment. Heck the corp. will probably get it under the Space Salvage Act that Bush will try and make into law.

The only thing that I can see right in that plan (which tosses everything else developed by rocket scientists out the airlock) is finishing the ISS. We were headed to Mars already, just a matter of when. Moon, its already becoming commercialized as is space in general. Can anyone say XPrize 2? Shuttle, same deal After the Shuttle accident NASA started seriously looking into a new design, its just that budget problem.

Bush is trying to be JFK and Reagan without the charisma, or the IQ, or the cold war to scare "sense" into the American people. Science is good Bush, stay out. You're just to to *&^% it up.

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Big Person is Watching

12.22.01 - Mark

Not that big brother, or that one, or even that one but big person. Who is big person? Big person is the monkey who's monitoring all your connections armed sniffers, viruses, a hacker army, and all those other irratating web problems that big person loves to brag about. Yes big person is the same monkey that spents 36 hours a day 12 days a week watching you waiting for you to type "jea" (or some other random string of characters) to instantly and unrelentingly release the said armemrment and who won't give up until you go hide in a spider hole dressed as santa or buy whatever they want you to.

At least according to my school, the same one that's well known for its collective staff IQ of -5 and its brand new computers running the latest version of windows 3.1 .

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A needed break

19.42.33 - Mark

Snow is good, expecially when my school's district adminstrators have a cronic fear of it. School was out today and I'm thankful- I was up late last night and slept in until 4. Anyways I'm already tired of the idiots at school. Its irratating when a teacher puts "crackers" on a list of terms than admits that its completly unknown to them. And thats ignoring the fact that they said "crackers do good. They enter systems and show how they got it so SYSOPs can fix the holes" Its been a long time since I've heard something SO BLATENTLY WRONG. I'm fearing that I'm going to hear more uninformed comments as the now 17 weeks continues.

Maybe this is just componded due to the fact that MWSF04 sucked. iPod Mini? What the *&^%?!?! The new iLife app is useless to me but my brothewr will like it, he's into making music. The 1984 redux isn't to impressive. Ripley Scott is probably going nuts over it.

Anyways this week was way too *&^%ing long

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This isn't a good sign

17.44.06 - Mark

I'm stuck in a computer applications for southern-hick morons. Well not right now thankfully but it certainly doesn't look good when on the "getting to know you" forms those low level teachers (the ones that border on the edge of simply babysitting) love to use you write "I'm a hacker in the true definitions" only to learn 5 minutes later that the first chapter is "Digital Ethics" including how Hackers are bad, and why the average idiot isn't responcible for the current decay of the internet due to viri that they love to attach to thier emails while mindlessly fighting pop-ups on thier windows based confuser. (I'm in a charming mood today aren't I?) No major problems with Spanglish and Psyco-ology, and only minor ones with My honors Engrish class (European Lit, and its my opinion that the only good european author is DNA and I seriously doubt that we'll get that far in 18 weeks)

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