The moment Mac users have waited for.

11.02.15 - Mark

PC users laughed at the exploding 5300s that never shipped (caused by the then new tech lith-ion batteries) Now its our turn to laugh.

Exploding PC batteries (yes, I know this affects us too)

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I hope it isn't too late

22.18.30 - Mark

A little post holiday fear:

holiday fear

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Not too bad

23.59.28 - Mark

Aside from a bad start today wasn't a bad holiday. I ended up getting a couple hundred dollars as a gift plus $30 at the iTunes Music Store (which really isn't a whole lot). Combined with my birthday gifts it almost makes up for the numerous headaches, lost sleep, emmence pain involved with this holiday season. (I'm very optimistic aren't I) Hey bring on the post holiday sales (now that I've got cash)

I think I come out on top if you count the fact that I now have my own G3 working with OS X

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Merry xMas to all, except Western Digital

01.35.19 - Mark

Who can rot in hell this holiday season. WD is a steaming pile of crap, and it alomost ruined my gift to my brother. I just now (at 1:40 AM Dec. 25th EST) rigged up the modded 6400/200 I'm giving him to a point where it will boot (and not much else). No thanks to what has to be the 10th Western Digital Hard drive that decided to die under my watch. How the hell they are still in business after all these years is a miracle in its own right. I've had WD drives from 200 MBs to 20 GBs die with out reason, and almost always in the same way. I make it a policy not to buy the POS items they sell but I give them a chance when they come into my possession free of charge. Even if they are never used I haven't had one last longer than 9 months (and that was the one the owner gave me as payment for swapping it out of a brand new barely-out-of-the-box PC). What's worse is as soon as I got it to boot up I shoved it in a box and wrapped it - forgetting to replace the front panel before taping it up. At least my brother will under stand - no perment damage done.

Anyways Merry xmas (or what ever your holiday is) to all, and to all a good - but exceedingly long - night.

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If E.A. Poe was online

12.14.15 - Mark

"And with the clicking, came the ticking, of the page that was no more, Quoth the server, 404?"

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2.5 weeks of freedom

12.53.38 - Mark

From now to Jan 5th I'm free from school, which means that I'll probably have time to get some of those hacks online. It may also mean I'm going to be designing some electronics creating one of my more feasible ideas (or 2 if I get lucky).

It could also mean that I'm wrestling with CSS and HTML to get money, since I've got pages online at mtairynews.com and I'm cooking up a new idea for a community site which could lead to a lot more money than what I got for the News site.

Anyways, between the incoming pay check, a few good movies coming out, and my 18th birthday plus xmas coming up over the next 2.5 weeks I should be in for a fun time.

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Headaches from hobbies

18.59.17 - Mark

Well over my break I'm hoping to create a couple of custom ADB/USB devices and so far its proving to be a massive headache. I think that means I'm taking a harder-than-it-needs-to-be approch. So far they've been limited to scan codes for whatever electronics scheme I end up using. I will do this, the ideas are too good to scrap. Its just a matter of how.

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Let the jokes run as free as access to thier mail server

12.44.35 - Mark

Your tax money at work

I find it amazingly funny that it this happened 3 weeks from now we'd be suing our own military under the new CAN SPAM act (which clearly shows that more time was spent thinking up a cute acryonm than spent creating a decent law)

Anyways, now only is our government making SPAM legal we're also providing the mail server free of charge.

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08.25.29 - Mark

Schools delayed today - after being cancelled yesterday and both cases merit a WTF award. Yesterday was a temperate upper 40 lower 50 degree weather - it was cancelled. Today theres no bad spots known to anyone but we're still delayed 2 hours. I woke up at 8:10 and I nearly died of a *&^%ing heartattack I thought I was late - looking out side it was beautiful for Mid December. a minute later I learn that by our school boards infinate wisdom delayed school. AT this point thats a good thing since I'll need those 2 hours to get over the *&^%ing schock they gave me. Dangerous ice my @$$

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Raiders of the lost Hack

01.14.01 - Mark

Film has benifits and it has hellacious limitations. The negitives (pun not intended) are obviously its lack of speed and its high cost. Its benifits are quality, nearly impossible to loose to changes in media, and its ability to disappear then reappear in perfect condition.

Last week I found a spent roll of film that managed to escape processing, and so I sent it in to be developed. I got it back earlier and to my supprise it was the photos of the miniMac I took well over a year and a half ago. I thought I lost them after moving but I've got them. What this means no is that I have 4 hacks to put online.

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Since when were these short winter days so long?

01.28.02 - Mark

My Tuesday was longer than hell. Really. I felt dead all day and then some. Then again I hate to sleep. My back ached all day, I can't focus on much of anything and the day just dragged on. I probably shouldn't be up now but sleeping sucks. At least its only 6.5 days left for classes (6 honest days and one exam) Then I can sleep in the day before my birthday then hack for a few days strait.

I just feel like a burt out carcas at this point, and I look like it to.

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It's alive!

12.23.38 - Mark

Or rather its fixed. The other day the 5300cs I've been using a lot suffered the common dead port syndome where the power port decides to be dead. Rather than try and argue that Apple should send me a new motherboard and Jobs knows what else to fix it (Apple made a lot of screw ups on this model) I DLed the service manual and went at it. An hour later I had it apart resoldered a couple joints and to no real supprise it works. Now I'm debating if I want to go back in and play musical hard drives with a larger drive I still have kicking around from the PBFH (Powerbook from Hell or a PITA wallstreet thats good for parts and nothing else)

If I do it would make me pretty commited to getting a CF card and PCMCIA adapter to help on the RAM frount. I don't know. I may or maynot, at least its working now.

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Japanese Electronics Are My Friends

18.48.32 - Mark

I just finished draining the battery I hacked into my GT-270s and they lasted nearly twice what I guessed they would. I figured I was good for an hour and a half to two hours but after watching 50 minutes of T2 and all of The Matrix: Reloaded I'm impressed with its 3 solid hours of battery life. Finding a way to give it more power isn't out of the question either, since its only taking about 400 mA an hour. For me at least that coinsides with what I hope to get from a singal charge from the Wearable Mac. Granted that battery will likely last longer if I convert it to a monocular display but still 3 hours is really nice, plus the battery was all of $6. Maybe I'll get a few more at that proce.

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Two Days, Two Projects

21.06.17 - Mark

Its great to be soldering again. Yesterday I started two seperate projects after a pile of parts arrived and thanks to two snow days I was able to start and finish both. The first one was outfitting a 6400 with 4 CCFTs with thier inverts mounted on a 5.25" drive mount. Then after gringing down the plastics I mounted the plastics and reassembled finishing the forth and final portion of the Hack (windows, printed insert, paint, and CCFTs)

The other mod was more of an overly tempting battery at AllElectronics, a 7.2 v Li-Ion and charger that by nice coincidence is the voltage by GT-270 display expects. So I got one and after some soldering, grinding down a couple nails, a couple carefully placed holes and a little hot glue I now have a battery powered display. What those two sentences happen to mean is I now have a display that will be just as portable as the rest of the will still happen Wearable Mac


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23.54.17 - Mark

I got my order from Allelectronics about 9 hours ago and since then I've been happily bouncing between 2 hacking efforts. One is hacking a cell phone battery into my GT-270s so I can loose one of the wires, the other hack is wiring 4 CCFTs into a 6400. I've also got the stuff to fix the 5300 I've been using as well as ports for the DomeMac. With school cancelled tomarrow I'm good for a hacking filled weekend.


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Thursday Theory Rides again

15.19.13 - Mark

Last year I developed the Thursday Theory of School Cancellations for this area, mainly because the scools down here we closed or dismissed early basically every Thursday for the better part of 3 months. Today they cancelled school and aside from sleeping until about 1:30 today I've jsut been sitting around. The best part is that this winter is starting off as a winter hell. All one inch of snow closed down the city and now its raining while the temp goes down the last couple of degrees to get below freezing.

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Hot or Cold?

23.02.34 - Mark

I just bought 10 Peltier coolers off ebay at $2.00 each. For those not familiar with weird electronic gizmos those are the things that control the 12v car heater/cooler things that cost upwards of $60 (Here's one @ ThinkGeek.com) Besides I got a couple donor cases and a 520c to spare. And more importatly warm caffine just plain sucks.

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19.42.45 - Mark

Article about the Evil. And EVIL!!! itself. I would rather see more people experiment on thier own rather than fork down $400 for some moron with a few cans of Testors to spray thier Apple Laptop. On the other hand some one once said "I either want less coruption or more oppurtunity to participate in it". If I could get paid $400 a pop to paint some poor idiots laptop I'd jump all over it.

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Nice software

16.07.52 - Mark

AlkSoft has a few nice classic software apps, including a google news ticker and a classic WiFi sniffer (think wardriving) Take a look if you still use classic.

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Damn you UPS

15.35.41 - Mark

I love how UPS does tracking, good for me and good for the other party, except When I had something shipped last week they stoped tracking it a day into its trip. Its *&^%ing pissing me off because I need that box badly. I know it should be here by Thursday but I want to know that its going to be here by thursday by seeing where the package is. I'm usualy in favor of UPS as opposed to FedEx but the last two things I've recieved have been fedexed and both arrived soon than expected. Maybe I need to change carriers...

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Forget sweet 16, try sweet 2k

23.22.03 - Mark

I just checked my site meter and in just under 14 months (sitemeter started 10/6/02) I've racked in 2000 hits (1,996 when I checked a few minutes ago) Granted you probably don't care much but I think its another milestone.

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Foiled again?

23.08.48 - Mark

This has the potenital to suck and rock at the same *&^%ing time

As I inch closer and closer and closer to getting a BTO 15" Powerbook I have to go off and read this sort of well founded rumors. Keep in mind I am still a very solid fan of the old Newtons and if Apple came out with a New tablet that was a Newton in modern terms (7 to 10 real years or something like 6 to 8 generations of technology) I would basically flip out drink a case of Red Bull and fly myself to the nearest Apple Store. Apple is just sitting on the NOS software and is doing the occasional reincarnation (Ink in 10.2) but if they pulled off a full fledged tablet with good Handwriting recognition I would jump all over it. Granted I still like the AlBooks but come Jan MacWorld (or whatever they call it now) I could find myself in a very uncomfortable situation.

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Live and WiFi from a 5300

01.16.18 - Mark

Thats right I'm now surfing the web over some wonderful WiFi signals. Granted I needed to borrow the card from my Clear airport (pictures someday) but thats only until I can get another lucent card off eBay or better yet locally, which ever comes cheaper. The real test comes later when I try more adventurous things, such as the local 18 block hotzone or digging for a hotspot at school.

But hey, I'm surfing from a *&^%ing 5300. Thats a more than good for a system introduced over 8 years ago.

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