Weekly Metapost : 2010.08.20 - 2010.08.27

03.00.16 - Mark

Weekly Metapost from August 20th, 2010 to August 27th, 2010

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Tagged : creative food instructables pizza recipies todo

I love real pizza, not the stuff you order with a phone and see it arrive at your door in 30-60 minutes. While there are some decent pizza joints, I love making my own. Better flavors and textures. The visual appeal of it varies, but this idea is quite clever, and I suspect I'll try it sometime.

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Weekly Metapost : 2010.08.13 - 2010.08.20

03.00.01 - Mark

Weekly Metapost from August 13th, 2010 to August 20th, 2010

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Tagged : amusing electronics funny life technology videos youtube

Assorted electronic components, destroyed with the technology they're designed for. Something I've done myself for many years, both accidentally and intentionally. [via Adafruit]

Tagged : art articles electronics howto instructables todo

Very tempting project. Electronics crossed with some wood working I've yet to try, all to create an art piece. Yeah, I can see myself doing something similar.

Eye Candy [list of other movies]

Speed Racer (2008) Rated 3.0 stars for Speed Racer (2008)
Eagle Eye (2008) Rated 3.0 stars for Eagle Eye (2008)

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