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19.35.00 - Mark

My Thursday Sucked. Horribly.

Friday was significantly better. Due in large part to seeing Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Pretty good, but they cut out some of the best jokes. Part of me wasn't that opposed to it, until I remembered that the original radio series covered the 1st part of the series in about two and a half hours, possibly less when you take out the lead-ins and theme. I know DNA prepped most of it, and that he knew the series as it was wasn't Hollywood dredge so he had to change some of it but I'm sad that some of the better guide entries were cut (like the nonexistence of God) Still overall it was good. I won't say I don't want to see more of the series in movie form, but I'd be nervous if they could also withstand the jump, especially since the first one, somewhat like the book, did a pretty good job of closing the loop.

Then there was today. Today rocked.

Went to Winston Salem today, Matt needed some stuff. So we got that stuff pretty quickly and went to Best Buy. Matt wanted a movie, some batteries and then was distracted by the iPod minis. He's now a member of the cult of white ear buds with a 6GB silver mini. That was followed by an excursion to Macaroni Grill. Really nice place to eat. Semi-upscale Italian chain. I had a really good fish and orzo plate. So afterwards we dodged over to Barnes and Noble I finally got a Moleskine Notebook. A single Large Plain notebook. So I'm thrilled. Also got the latest 2600 and The Hitchhikers Guide the the Galaxy Soundtrack (So long and tanks for all the fish, so sad that it has come to this...)

About an hour ago we got home and I checked the mail to find that my RAM had arrived. A wonderful shock. I wasn't expecting it until next week, so it didn't take me long to find the right screwdriver and begin the installation. Really only took about 15 minutes and the iBook is so much more responsive with the extra half gig of ram. So following the RAM I started Black Hawk Down and set out to install iTunes on Matt's behemoth of a laptop, casually watch my movie and pound out this post on the iBook.

Life goes on. After the movie I'll either finish making a ring out of a quarter or work on some of the assorted web projects I need to finish up (and one that I need to start) for my classes. (I don't hate the projects - I dislike the tediousness of the instruction.)

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15.00.00 - Mark

(beware - rantings and ravings of a scifi geek lay within)

Whoo Hooo!

Today is a good day for the scifi geek in me. I have now seen the trailer for Serenity, and it is shiny. So Shiny I've been viewing it over and over and over and over again. There are a few more overs but I'm too lazy to type them up, too lazy to cut and paste them as well. I absolute love firefly, there has never been anything like it. Action, Adventure, SciFi, Mystery, Character Studies, Comedy, Drama, Western, Crime, with mythos, cultural references, all with a more than a little Asian language

Its classic.

If I can survive tomorrow there's nothing thats going to be able to stop me from seeing Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy on Friday - at least once and quite possibly more.

Now all I need to do is survive tomorrow. Followed by survive until the end of September. I'm not quite sure which is going to be trickier. I'm not exactly ready for my English class tomorrow.

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You just got to ask yourself one question

23.38.00 - Mark

Do you actually feel safer? Well? Do you punk?

Its not like this is uncommon either. Homeland Insecurity is just that, insecure, because its infinitely easier to control huddled, scared, panicky masses than it is to control rational and aware citizens. With the panic crowd you get get away with all sorts of stuff, like blowing 7 trillion dollars on a misguided war, revamping airport "security" to avoid a copycat incidence that is as much a threat as that random guy you saw walking down the street with the armageddon sign.

The next "terrorist" "attack" isn't going to involve a set of recently gassed up 737s. Its not going to involve a truck either. Its been done. By allowing our government to keep the nation living in the fear of the world, a "terrorist" needs to do little more than plant a few dozen smoke bombs in the ventilation system of a big building or a tunnel on a major transportation line and set it off. Terrorists, unlike some of our political leaders, are not stupid. They are going to go the path of least resistance, they're going to attack us in a way we (read: our moronic leaders) won't think of, since thats going to be the unmonitored, unguarded, unexpected place they can attack.

Something to ponder while you change into your orange jumpsuit and chains - your flight's leaving in a few minutes.

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Strike That

23.35.00 - Mark

I just typed out what I felt was a nicely crafted jest based on The Eagles, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and some comments made by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI, in 1996.

I think it would have made an amazing post, but I elected not to post it (not delete it, just not post it) as I have too much respect for the more traditionally religious patrons of this blog. I'm fairly certain that in the right context they could enjoy it as much as I did writing it, but this blog isn't that time or place place. So I'm not posting it (but I am keeping it and if anyone wants to see it they can dig up one of my email addresses) although its probably lost some of its inherent bite now that I'm posting this note in its place.

Edit: Screw it - its the 3rd comment. Highly offendable Catholics have been warned

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Everything Bad is Good...

10.25.00 - Mark

There's an upcoming book called Everything Bad is Good for You, and it really looks interesting. A number of sites are linking to a NYTimes excerpt from the book covering TV. I haven't had the time to do more than skim it, but based on what I saw, as well as a post at the author's blog which is a similar example with video games it looks good.

I'm not sure if its one I'm going to buy, but I'm certainly going to try and get my hands on it. The arguments are too intriguing unfortunately that probably means its going to float up and down the digital todo list I've got on my laptop until I forget why its on there.

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08.57.00 - Mark

Wow. I can't really remember the last time I went this long (3, 4 days?) without posting here. Kinda strange but also somewhat refreshing. I know I was planning on geeking out this weekend but thats a 180 from what actually happened. I was pretty much unwired the whole weekend, opting to bank sleep than hack code. Sure I did read more of The Art of Intrusion, (which has been pretty slow going) and Friday? Yeah Friday finished wiring the house for ethernet. Somewhere in there I wasted 5 minutes sticking a laptop drive into a USB 2.0 enclosure and half an hour getting another one of my older systems to play nice with the network (which might not be countable as it involved turning the damned thing off for the weekend)

I honestly did think about posting something random over the weekend, but I didn't. I don't know if I chauk it up to slackerdom or to some of the Certified Bastard Decisions (TM) playing on my mind. In a few hours I'll really start reconnecting with the world. I've barely even glanced at anything other than the local blogs since Thursday afternoon. Which brings me to my next items of business, but in the funnny way blogs are created (at least in my own twisted mind) you'll be reading this after the fact.

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Of Earth Day and Turning off your (damned) TV

14.06.00 - Mark

Earth Day was Friday. Right now we're in the middle of turn off your TV week.

I sort of zoned out on Earth Day, I'm committing myself to moderate involvement with turn off your TV week. But my problem with these "holidays" (there needs to be a better word for that, these are not Holy Days, there's nothing spiritual about Earth Day or turning off your TV) is that they aren't things that should be a single day or a single week.

We're ("society") trashing this rock 364 days of its orbit, and a single day in the single most anti-environmental country is enough to justify these wrongs? You don't need to be a certified nut-case to be environmentally conscious, I'm not advocating you make a home under a pile of dirt out of reused milk jugs and pop cans. I'm a stronger proponent of looking at viable alternatives (such as my personal favorites, biodiesel and solar) and participating in recycling and composting. I don't do this for a day or two a year. I try to be active year round, even if it means having to freeze my ass off taking recycling out to a center (because the city can't see the benefits of curb side recycling)

And TV. I like the video medium as much as the next guy (and certainly more when I actually get to create) but TV can turn off your mind (admittedly this is a little ironic considering my post earlier today). Sure there's some really sharp stuff out there (for which I'm making the exceptions) but a lot of it is crap. Why waste hours everyday watching the latest in unrealistic "reality shows" when you will never meet "The Donald", or if you do a restraining order will be promptly filed as Really Big Guys pound you into the ground (cuz face it, you aren't a wrestler either), you will never be stranded on an island, and if you do you won't survive 3 weeks because you don't know how to start a fire without a box of matches and a gallon of gas, and you will no be jumping between moving vehicles, but if you must your darwin award is in the mail.

Get out learn something, be active, listen to some real content (like podcasts) because I'm not going to pay for you to sit on your exponentially growing ass and watch what ever.

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Hours Dragging On, Days Flying By

10.19.00 - Mark

It's Thursday Morning. With luck I'll be out of here in under three hours - because I've really grown a dislike for my Engrish class. It's been redundant busywork crap since the midterm. We can usually get out early - I certainly hope thats the case.

I'll finish that then I'm determined to geek out this weekend. Code, Client Calls, and Collect Cash.

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Shuttle Pictures

08.59.01 - Mark

There's a nice set of pictures of Discovery being rolled over to the lauchpad right here I really do think the photos are amazing. I think they're on the large size but they're high quality.

One thing I did notice was how, umm, ratty the shuttle looks. I know we need a space program, but more and more the shuttle looks a beat up long distance semi - which is really what it is - a really long range cargo semi thats at least a decade past its prime.

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Devil's Advocate

09.58.00 - Mark

I support freedoms. Freedoms to say and do what I want without fear of harsh penalities or lawsuits. However just because I side with those issues doesn't mean I fail to understand the opposing views.

So I'm going to play devil's advocate with google. Google is getting away with some stuff that those of us who aren't 500lb Gorrallas can't. The most clear example is the image search. Go do a google image search for anything. See all those images? Does google own the copyright on those? They're hosting those thumbnails on their servers. So google is technically making other people's copyrighted material avalible on their servers.

Last I checked thats illegal. It should fall under fairuse but if I did it I would be subject to aforementioned lawsuits and harsh penalities.

So why exactly hasn't anyone attacked Google for copyright infrngement? Am I missing something brazingly obvious.

How about the DMCA and it's inane ban on "hacker tools" google, the Search-Engine-With-Everything(tm) is widely accepted as one of the best hacker tools. Not because of anthing obvious like reseach or social engineering, but because it indexes EVERYTHING including things like those webserver webcams, pages filled with credit card numbers, internal company documents.

The potential lawsuits are mindboggling. So why haven't many (if any) been filed?

Just something to chomp on.

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My Schrądinger's Delemia

16.58.00 - Mark

I added some new quotes today to my quotes page, which is just about everyones favorite portion of the site, certainly one of the more visited at least. I really wanted to comment on this one however (Yes Virginia, this is going to be one of my longer posts):

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man." George Bernard Shaw

I heard it on one of the IT Conversations podcasts I was listing to on my twice daily commute, and it was in reference to this growing movement of Makers, Modders, and Hardware Hackers. One I like to consider myself as being, or at least having been part of. I'm not so sure that I'm in it anymore. I mean I'm not an uber-consumer and I certainly choose to make and repair as often as I can. The quote puts a new perspective on that however.

How much am I really changing? Am I really involved with this movement like I think I am, being one of the unreasonable who want to, and can, change the world or am I just a slacker kiddi3 - reasonable man - who managed to cobble some code together and call it a website? Is that really changing anything for anyone?

I know I average about 30 hits a day between this blog and the static site. That's a fact. The uncertainty lies in all the people who find the obscure links to the site and look around. In nearly three years of maintaining this collection of tag riddled text I can still count the number of people who have emailed me about the content of this site - on my hands (in base 10, not binary) I'm barely onto my toes when I add the deliberate linkage - references I didn't plant myself.

Running this site has been pretty thankless (which would be why I haven't made a massive, or even regular updates to it aside from the blog)

The other item I was really thinking about, and is at least partially contradictory to the last few paragraphs is real geniuses ship A little spin on a famous Steve Jobs quote (real artists ship) Many people have the same ideas. Just because 43folders writed about his "Hipster PDA" (which if you missed is little more than a pocket full of index cards and a spring steel paper clip) doesn't mean he was the first to think of it - lots of people carry index cards, and lots of people have tangental ideas. I've been carrying a half sheet of paper in my wallet since before 43folders was even a blog. So I guess there's a little hope for me and my pathetic little brick in the wall we all know as the internet. I mean I suppose I'm not too bad off. I at least rank on numerous search engines, With upwards of 12 billion webpages out there I suppose having something is far better than nothing.

And yes writing this all out has a point. This is my scratchpad blog, I scratch, stretch, and stress out ideas here, and considering that my summer is looming on the horizon and I still have to make the bastard decision I keep putting off, and yes its still getting harder as the hours drag on and the days fly by.

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The Big Big Bang

12.11.00 - Mark

This ended up being too tempting to not rip and share:

The Big Big Bang.mp3 : SlackerAstronomy.org : April 1st Show of Doom (which you can't get anymore)

I listened to the whole All Geeks Day SlackerAstro podcast a couple weeks ago, it wasn't their best, but I was listening to another favorite podcast which featured The Big Big Bang and as I still liked it I choose to rip the song out of the Slacker Astro Podcase. Since its under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution license I'm allowed to share such things so here it is on my servers for those of you who didn't listen to me earlier and go swarming to Slacker Astronomy.

It's the only time you'll ever hear Stephen Hawking do Rap. That may or may not be a good thing.

As a tangental plug, you could be downloading this automatically if you choose to plug my feedburner feed (to the left) into you podcasting client of choice.

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A word on Web Development

11.19.00 - Mark

I'm convinced that web development is a sham. At least with so called "professionals" I mean I like making money doing webpages, but I've officially resolved myself to not calling myself a professional web designer. Paid enthusiast, advisor, maybe even guru (nah - that could be pushing it) something along those lines. This resolve has been spawned by been this initially harmless dispute in one of my tech classes.

How do I get a better search ranking?

Harmless right? Until you get into the meat of the subject. Its all about linking, or rather getting linked to. By relevent material. Because that's what google, yahoo, and most of the top dogs use. My teacher, after talking to "professioanl web developer people" stands by an archaic device known as Metadata. Metadata is useful - my iPod would be impossible to navigate without it, its pretty handy at sites like flickr as well - but for internet search engines its a dead technology, well if you want to run a practical search that is. Why? Because spammers and scammers love flooding pages with metadata upon metadata.

Don't buy it? Do image searches for a sting of keywords and look at all the useless stuff that crops up.

There's no way you can coerce google into indexing, or at least crediting metadata. They consider it a form of cheating, and your pitiful little website will find itself removed from the Search-Engines-That-Matter(tm) There is no such thing as a free meal, and there's no such thing as quick, effective, and ethical Search Engine Optimization

As I pointed out yesterday in my rift on tech support, I am a geek. I know these things and just because your 2 bit hack (used in the fully derogitory sense) stick to their stories (which are usually overpriced and filed with disclaimers about how you shouldn't trust us geeks)doesn't make it true.

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Real life is funny too...

08.41.00 - Mark

Why did the blonde get fired from the M&M factory?

Repeated absences and stealing.

How many people does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

If you call up Steven Murphy Electrical Contractors on (08) 9284 7281 they can send over a qualified electrician to screw it in for you between 9-6 on any working day, guaranteed to arrive within an hour of your call or you get 50% off!

More realistic responces to old jokes at somethingawful

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I hate Tech Support

20.31.00 - Mark

Not giving it, receiving it. I, very reluctantly, had to call and deal with morons at not just sprint, but also netgear (which I'm trying to figure out why I was coerced into). I hate tech support.

Not the fact that they're outsourced CS grads from India (the sprint moron seemed like an inarticulate dislocated marketing drone, Netgear could have been from India) but because they either work out of a drain bramaged spiral bound notebook of FAQs and online support docs and who have more training in dispute resolution than in something that might be useful - like for instance technology.

I spend a solid 30 minutes trying to explain to Sprint's moron that the problem was not my router (netgear) but my modem, the same modem thats been giving me hell for months on end, and is well known for being crap since it has retarded prot forwarding controls and getting it to play nice with a router is technological voodoo. This is the same modem that sprint, the wonderful phone and internet company that it is, shipped to tens of thousands of customers (like myself) with default passwords and no instructions on how - or even to - change the fucking password (unlike Sprint and majority of consumers I have more than three brain cells - most of which can work together - and the first think I did was change the fucking password - because if hackers know anything its that 1234 is not a password.)

I mean I really don't like tech support

SO after this moron has me starting to hastily rewire the home network (which as I point out to her half a dozen times wasn't necessary) she, or rather the manager I could hear in the background, starts spewing dumbed down instructions on how to reconfigure the thing (them: sir, double click on your hard drive, OK? click on applications, OK Now click on utilities, now do you see something called terminal? me command tabs into terminal and opens a new window Them: type t-e-l-n-e-t single space 192 me [interrupting] 192dot168dot1dot1 got it and I've already typed in my password [and banged my head against a wall])

I know tech support isn't targeted at geeks, its not supposed to be, but when we geeks do need to talk to someone who may (emphasis on may - tech support is like a rigged lottery) know what they're talking about. As bad as Sprint was I was still able to accomplish something - after an excruciatingly painful period of time.

The India Netgear guy just insisted on a serial number, model, number registration, bar code, shipping packaging, social security, finger prints, retina scan and genome before he could tell me to go online and register the damned thing (why? Who the fuck knows.) I don't even want to know what he would have insisted on had I not resolved myself to not calling them back. At least with the modem configured "properly" all I really needed to to do the router was a reset followed by a reboot of all my systems. (and if sprint took an hour and a half Netgear might have been an eon)

Now everything seems to be fine [knocks on wood] and if it stays that way for a couple days I may be able to convince the PAF to pay the $10 more a month for 3Mbps service (compared to the measly 512kbps we're supposed to be getting) In all honesty thats ridiculous in its own right. I get a 6 fold improvement for $10. Its not costing them anything so you'd think they'd open up a little more bandwidth. But no, this is America, home of the outrageously priced broadband, and all of a sudden its easy to understand why even South Korea is a more wired nation that we are.


I hate tech support.

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Cancer, AntiCancer

01.16.00 - Mark

Remember the bad old days a couple years ago when everything was known to cause cancer (at least in the state of California)?

Well now it seems as if everything, in addition to being known to cause cancer (at least in the state of California), everything is known to help prevent cancer - like say, chocolate.

Not that I really care. I've basically resolved myself to enjoying life rather than worry about the 100 Billion and one different things that can kill me, mane me, cancer me, infect me or whatever. Life is too damned short to worry about how I could potentially die, that will come soon enough, unless I've inherited my great grandmothers genome. My great grandmother, for the half dozen of you who read this bantering and don't know, will be 104 at the end of this month and whose greatest problem when she turned 100 was that the doctors wouldn't let her have wine anymore.

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iWant iWinnebago

23.21.00 - Mark

The ultimate in land based geek transportation (eBay auction, link'll go dead in late July2005. For the post facto here's the boingboing.net stub)

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Geek Humor

23.09.00 - Mark

"note to brain -- when you are flowcharting a post, something is wrong"

from Drunkenblog.com

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Star Trekin' (Warning: Geek Out Ahead)

21.00.00 - Mark

Ugh, UPN/Paramount are really doing their best to completely and totally quell any hope of a Star Trek retuning to the airways anytime in the foreseeable future. Tonight's episode wasn't bad, but the preview for next weeks looks horrible. Not that the story is bad, but that its already occurred - about 30 years ago. Enterprise is remaking the alternate universe episode, which was one of the better episodes of the Original series. They are also mucking up the classical trek timeline by looping jerry rigging Enterprise into TNG by making it a holodeck simulation. I'm willing to put up with a lot of unbelievable stuff, it is SciFi after all, but this loop is no better than a bastardized mangled creation no better than the atrocities known as Fan Fiction ("Fans"* who try and reverse engineer Show Bibles in order to create their own ideas - majority of which fail miserably)

I generally hate remakes, there are some I enjoy, but those are usually ones I didn't see the original of before - like the Italian Job, Gone in 60 Seconds, Ocean's 11 (which is different because both were just a bunch of Big Name actors having fun on screen) and the Current run of Doctor Who (which has had me anxiously waiting for Saturday afternoons since the middle of March). Remakes are just crud attempts to recapture a generation oblivious to classic movies, but stylized for the ADHD sect with the inclusion of, but not limited to Explosions, Sex, Vulgarity, Unidentifiable and Physics-Defying Gizmos, Big Fucking Guns, Rap Stars, Porn Stars, Teenybopper Idol Stars and the removal of but not limited to Taste, Plot, Intelligent Dialog, and Connections to Reality (also known as a Moral to the Story).

I could be judging this too quickly, but I seriously doubt it. Prequels suck, Remakes suck more, Prequels doing remakes could prove to be a very effective way of not having to air the last 4 episodes in a series...

* Quotes used because Fans, traditional short for Fanatical, is a load of Bull because the "Fans" ignore, or more likely ignorant of Show Bible Commandments.

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10.10.00 - Mark

I went craphounding yesterday, its been a while since I last went on an excursion, almost too long. Ended up with a $3 submergable water pump-which is one of the final parts I need for a crackpot project, and a $14 (shipped) 2.5" USB2 drive enclosure (yes I have USB2.0 and yes I have a spare, laptop drive kicking around)

I also bought Dark Angel the first season for $14, which is cool. I liked that season - didn't get into the second (which was less cyberpunk and more monsters) Fox is selling first season DVDs for nothing hoping to use them as a gateway drug to the fuller priced ($40+) later seasons. Still I like cheap DVDs, especially when they're not complete crap (like Ernest Joins the Army 3 - Back to the Baracks or Jaws 14 1/2) Matt also got me same more Bawls, which I thank him for. The Sugarfree stuff I accidently ordered isn't bad, but it isn't nearly as good as the stuff in the bumpy blue bottle.

Don't know why I didn't post yesterday, I was feeling pretty good (despite the fact that I shouldn't for various undisclosed reasons) and was planning to - just didn't.

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The American Peso

12.46.00 - Mark

I like how oblivious people can be. Enjoy your tax cuts, because Bush has basically offshored our monatary system.

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10.13.00 - Mark

April 29th Just got a lot more interesting.

Hitch Hikers Guide Movie and The release of Tiger (Mac OS 10.4).

Crap - I don't know what line I want to be in more.

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Free Money

15.44.00 - Mark

Well not free, but pretty close - Survey Savvy is pretty legit - I've received a couple checks from them totaling about $50 for 5 surveys. Surveys are kinda brain dead ways of making some extra money.

It seems like I'm whoring this off, and I sort of am - but you stand to make more money off them than I am.

Since I'm freely advertising here I'm still really happy with dreamhost - and I highly recommend it if you want an online presence beyond a free blog. I got my account for $10 for the first year (get the basic service plan for one year enter in everything else as you like then use coupon code 777 when you can - it may still work even though its been a few months already.) Its easily the best deal I've seen for web hosting.

[ end attack of the indirect sponsors ]

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21.29.00 - Mark

My left hand hurts like bloody hell. I wasn't going to blog it due to the fact I try to keep the excessively disgusting out of my blog but the fact that my left hand is twice the size its supposed to be and its stressing the mussels in a way that I've now got a good idea of what carpel tunnel syndrome feels like. All thanks to a literal pest.

I mean its bad enough I'm taking a small mixture of over the counter drugs to regain non-tormenting useage of my own hand. Keep in mind I usually hate drugs because most dumbass Americans are too quick to jump towards medication to solve all their woes (its not just modern society - how do you think we got Coke and Dr. Pepper?), and they generally don't phase me (drug tolerance is both a blessing and a curse)

Its just barely working. I'm down towards moderate torment from something closer to "take the damned thing off".

The thing that really bugs me is the bug that did it. I don't know what it is - and I really need/want to know since this is not a typical sting for me. Bee Stings usually pop up then pop down after a day or so. None of this whole damned hand deal.

Now I'm going away to let my mind wander for a while before slipping into unconscious

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Generic Geekery

11.03.00 - Mark

6 months ago I though the iBook was going be enough. I hate when I'm wrong.

Since purchasing it - and only since purchasing it I have found myself doing pretty heavy audio and video work. I suppose its rare enought that I don't feel too bad, but editing a 30 minute clip and burning it to a VCD (for those of you who missed being a mid 90s geek, its like a DVD, but on a CD - really useful for those of us who don't have DVD-R drives) took me the better part of 24 hours and ate up close to 15 GBs of drive space spread out between my iBook and my iPod, plus some because I needed to move files around the network and drives. Still it was fun. Video is neat stuff - just takes a lot of time when you needed to decode and re-encode each clip half a dozen times (damned MPAA forced DVD encryption - I could have saved at least 3 hours if not for MPEG2 lockdowns)

Anyways it gave me some time to do some seriously overdue bike maintenance, like dissolve the 2.5 years of gunk that had built up on my drivetrain, replace the brake pads and realign the derailers with time left over to watch a few movies (several movies - like I said video processing is slow even on wicked fast G4s). Now I'm going to see about getting some lunch and riding a local bike trail or two. Its been a nice weekend and I don't want to spend all of it indoors.

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What's Ailing Blogger

15.01.00 - Mark

Wired has an article on the problems Blogger's been having Not that I haven't already posted on it, repeatedly

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My Guide

22.21.00 - Mark

Ok, so maybe it doesn't have a intergalactic connection via Sub-Etha-Net but The Internet Archive is a lot of fun to browse around in.

I downloaded a gig or so of videos from xbox based CGI Animation to retro 70's films by Homer Groening staring Matt, Lisa and Maggie, military films from the Army's hilarious Private Snafu to The National Clean-Up Paint-Up Fix-Up Bureau's information films (with Nukes) to how to use a telephone. The Archive is just filled with fun media. All of its legal too. So Go ahead - dig around the archive

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Filters are bad

08.46.00 - Mark

A student was suspended for bypassing school filters. I guess my school isn't as bad as I portray it, however not by much. I feel soory for him, internet filters suck.

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Damn Clouds

08.08.00 - Mark

Tommorow there's going to be a partial solar eclipse, which sucks for me because its supposed to be rainy and clouded over tomorrow.

Maybe it will break up about 5:30 - 7 ish so I can o have some fun with the eclipse.

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I R knot know dat

10.55.00 - Mark

Google says there are 8,058,044,651 web pages out there.

That's in its index, and it can't access the plethra of information locked up in password protected sites. I'd say there are at least 12,000,000,000 pages out there.

My teacher is asking me if I've read anything by (insert obscure person here).

This is why I'm slowly going nuts in my tech classes.

Engrish, that's another case - I think its suffering from a personality disorder.

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24 days

09.23.00 - Mark

April 29th.

Do you know where your towel is?

I'm afraid you'll need it May 25th as well

It's optional on May 3rd, but as a froog, you'll have it anyways - won't you?

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20.34.00 - Mark

I generally detest the MPAA and the rating system the government has jerry rigged into law. 10 people in California, all parents, who get paid to preside over what gets passed into the mainstream movie channels for the whole nation. However I completely agree with their call on Sin City. It's an amazing movie, but I know I wouldn't want my youngest brother watching it. I'm not even sure Matt should have watched it, but he seems to be OK, well at least considering the his baseline.

It's a hard R movie. Nudity, violence, and completely mind-blowing.

The style, stories, characters and acting are all amazing. Parts are hard to follow, such as how the four stories connect. Somehow it seems more than tangental relations but I'm not sure how. There's a ton of star power behind it as well, and not simply stars for the sake of having stars. Everyone in it was amazing, with it often being hard to tell who was playing who. The notable case was Elijah Wood, who after playing Kevin doesn't need to worry about falling into hobbit type casting anymore.

I don't think Sin City is going to be a mainstream classic, and probably not going to be on the AFI 200 list in 90 years or so, but for now, its well worth the admission cost. Assuming you can come to terms with the fact that life is ugly and vulgar, and this movie is an exaggerated (and somewhat twisted) take on life.

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Can you hear me now?

08.32.00 - Mark

$5 says you're picturing the commercial with the verzion guy going cross country saying that line.

What you probably don't know is that Verizon really does do that, and not just for their own network.

Verzion has network testers for all its major service areas where they load up a station wagon with laptops, cell phones and antennas then drive around testing all the networks. 3000 miles a month - city driving - I'll pass. Wouldn't mind the toys tho'

Anyways, here's a story on it with some photos and a clip from the test audio they use. And no, "Can you hear me now?" isn't in there.

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Question of the day

14.20.00 - Mark

I know this might not be the most timely of posts, considering John Paul II's recent death, but I'm going to ask the question anyways.

What if we went to all the religious right want prayer in school and offer just that - to bring prayer into school, but only Islamic prayer? What's their response? How is their case any different than mine? (Which is along the lines of full respect of all belief systems to the point where they start trying to convert me or threaten me with a false case of moral "superiority")

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Fake Ghostlike Photons!

14.08.00 - Mark

It's All Geeks Day again, and Thinkgeek has put up their annual collection of fake products, as well as their All Geeks Day free T-Shirt.. I like the MegaMags and Projector Pong. The Pong system would actually be fun to build.

I like the shirt better this year as well. Last year I got the binary joke shirt (I shopped at think geek on april fools day and all I got was this tshirt)

Anyways you can figure out the anagram while I go in search of more geek's day gags and pack to go to Raven Knob for the weekend, and I'm still not sure how I'm going to deal with both my troop and staff weekend. Doesn't help matters that I still don't know if I'm going to work this summer or stick to the Internet Tech class schedule at High School U...

Edit4/7/05 - due to influx of searchers: Fake Ghostlike Photons is an anagram for Shop at Thinkgeek fools Is it really that hard to figure out?

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