Ahhhhh... Peaceful Bliss.....

15.45.37 - Mark

New monitor yesterday, and sushi for dinner. That was good, but not as good as Senior Skip Day (which was today). It feels nice to sleep in until noon and not wake up to screaming brothers. Even better because I got another 3 hours before they got home. Its not like I missed anything anyways. My 1st period was all seniors, 2nd period was filled with idiots signed up to help with the special olympics, 3rd was mostly the same, and 4th - again mostly seniors.

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12.30.46 - Mark

Yet another random stream of consciousness:

TGiF, or rather mock friday since tomarrow is Senior Skip day. And even the poor fools that aren't seniors luck out since half the school is vollenteering at the "Special Olympics" I don't want this to offend any participants but WTF? Don't they need people who aren't retards helping them? Almost everyone that's signed up is doing it for 1) the t-shirt, 2) the time out of class, or 3) get out of class. Yes, I know I repeated myself.

Anyways back to the useless details of my life - got my stickers from Jinx Hack Ware last night and I'm walking around with a Human Barcode on my briefbag (I love that thing - it just feels right) I stuck the company one on my hacker's notebook - this 6"ish by 10" ish sprial note book where I jote down notes on hacks and other geek type endevors. I'm not one of those people that load down their laptop with stickers. Right now all I have on my 5300cs is a Deprecated sticker.

Hoping I get some of my other toys today. Aside from the fact I need to stop spending money I'm waiting on the PC mods shipment (expecting next week), a DVD drive (next week), my n50 Gamepad (by Saturday I hope) and possibly another sticker (from Hackerstickers.com), I'm also waiting on a G3 upgrade but knowing my friend that could be any time between now and next December. Gotta remember to fire off an email to see about that. [smirk] Just like I goota remember to install that 120GB hard drive I've had for a couple weeks now. :)

Anyways skewl is dragging on, had some dumb@$$ speaker. Boring, monotonos, depressed, mourning, born-again christian-ish guy who lost two kids to a drunk driver. I don't mean to be insensitive but we have but one life to live and the meaningless life is the one lived to stict standards. Yes, Drunk driving is a plague on society - as are all people who don't take responcibility for their actions, but prohibition failed misserably. I'm sorry he lost two kids (both under 6), and its nice that he took his time to speak to the school today, however making comments like "The one people here who doesn't care about their actions let me tell you this: I hope you get what you deserve", well I'm not exactly moved by those words. I wanted to take him seriously but saying that he's praying to god for suitable punishments isn't the way to inspire me into paying attention.

'hats all for now, back to writing a 2600 article.

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New toy, and this ones local

18.34.52 - Mark

Got a new monitor a couple hours ago. Flat CRT Envision, the type thats goes for $100ish at the local staples store. I think its only the 15" version and I don't know if its working but for $10 I'm willing to throw the dice. Plus the last monitor I got (17" Compaq monitor) worked fine. Most people don't take broken stuff to the goodwill so...

Can't wait to get it into the lab, right now its in the trunk of a family car at one of the local parks. Missed unloading it by 5 minutes. My dad went home as I was getting my bike, so he was taking off from the stop light as I got to my bike 2 minutes to unlock and he was only a minute out by the time I passed him on the way home. *&^% Oh well - at least I get sushi tonight ::big grin::

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Poor and getting poorer

19.27.34 - Mark

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I gotta stop spending this money. This time it was PCMods.com since they're having a going out of business sale (rather shift in management) still I walked away $50 poorer but 2 rounded IDE cables, 2 SCSI cables, 14ish feet of EL string, and 4 CCFLs richer (still leaves a $10 shipping cost :P)

Now what to do with all that new found richness....

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One can only hope

23.10.27 - Mark

for a massive failure resulting in reports that the "boat" is exactly like the face on Mars, which of course was reveled to be nothing more than shadows cast in a way that a low resolution camera picks it up and relays it to a christian nut case.


Wake up people, the dark ages ended a LOOOOOOOONG time ago.

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Deja Vue

12.46.43 - Mark

Shit. Most web N00bs wson't remember the Gif format and what compuserve's blunder that led to the mass adoption of the JPEG format, Well looks like someones trying to do the same with the JPEG format

Further proof that the web is screwed and a free web revolution is serious needed.

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New toy

12.19.10 - Mark

I really gotta stop spending money, but it was a good deal. Just picked up a belkin Nostreum Gamepad n50. Its a cool little device that has something like 10 buttons a directional pad, and a scroll wheel. It looks really futureistic too. There are a couple TV shows (Century City comes to mind) that use it as a prop since it doesn't look like a real product. Now if I could get my USB/firewire card to work....

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fscking idiots

11.57.43 - Mark

Too many dumbasses in this skewl. Right now the teacher is going on about "databases are evil" and similar ignorant fecal matter (thats crap for those too lazy to google) Sad really, doesn't really help that they're using some of the worst software to do it (M$ works) I feel soory for these people. They'll hit the work force and be inundated with real software and be under the niave impression that they accually know something about the software they were supposedly taught in High Skewl.

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Last fcsking straw

12.51.08 - Mark

I am done with the sporatic Exploder Shit that the skewl ignorantly demands with crappy software. I DLed Mozilla a while back but finally installed it after yet another fcsking breakdown. Every other day the images that populate the web stop showing and I'm forced to look at the web with text only. I can manage that but when loking at mods and charts is a fscking PITA. Well no more. Moziall @ skewl for me.

On a happy note I just looked up and saw the teacher (very loosely used) getting a Blue Screen of Death. All that remains today is 30 minutes to an hour listing to a Mariachi Band with a splitting headache and stiff mussles. Maybe I'll get some packeges (waiting on some colored gels, a G3 upgrade, a sticker or two) or mah sandbox space (thanks to trificient.net) today - that would be nice.

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Sweet gMail is real

12.58.29 - Mark

Looks like gmail is real, cuz I'm signed up for it. Apparently blogger users are the next link in testing so I finished signing up a couple minutes ago. I'm not moving to the address just yet, but hey I like the idea of 1GB of email free, even if I can't access it with POP or IMAP.

And to think I came to blogger today to rant about something I've since forgotten :)

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[primal scream]

11.59.03 - Mark

Ass holes, my school is loaded with reactionary, idiotic, inane, insane, egotisitcal, megalomannaitic, deep south republicans whose goal in life is to stuff students into the form of a hunchbacked, 2 braincelled, bland, drinking, cursin', datin' their cuzin' red necked hicks, whose goals in life involved drining sleepin and doing enough work to pay for the moon shine beer.

(In other words I ran into another pointlessly blocked site)

I can't wait to get the fcsk out of Mount Airy High School

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Chaos! Panic! Disaster!! (My work here is done)

12.32.36 - Mark

That dot com sticker couldn't be more approiate (and yes I do have it - on a make shift chain on my skewl backpack)


Well I've generated 1000 hits (and counting) for a friends powerbook mod. I'm working towards a /.ing but I've already got it listed on xlr8yourmac.com and Mac Surfer's Headline News The sad part is that the page is on a .mac account, not one of his real servers. :'( Where's the fun in a /.ing if you don't bring down a network???

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I feel soooooo good.

12.01.02 - Mark

No, I didn't kill anyone - except maybe myself. This weekend has been one of the best I can remember. I've been on an emotional high since Friday morning. Aside from an easy day of classes I got out of school and started doing some work on my latest idea. Skip forward about 14 hours (wonderful nights sleep) and I wake up to a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The exact sort I've been waiting on for the 3 weeks since I got my GPSr. So I grabbed a simple bite to eat threw together a day pack - couple water bottles, camera, tripod, an MP3 player and the GPS reciever with notes on two caches up in Virginia the head out on my bike. The Cache I was looking for first is 5.6ish miles from my house as the bird flies, which as far as I was concerned was biking distance. Well that translated to 9 miles of hills and wonderful landscape. For a few miles I thought I was going the wrong way but after dinking with the GPSr's settings I got my bearings and kept going. Eventually I found the cache in a partially hidden park with a man made lake (more than large enough for a kayak or other small boat - theres even a boat ramp) I stayed there about half an hour before starting back. Of course then my bike started to fail (theres a crappy part in my seat assembly that I've already replaced once this year) but managed to do some roadside repairs and made it back home without too many problems. 18 miles totat and more than worth the efforts. Supprisingly (to me at least) I feel great - almost no aches or pains.

Even today I feel wonderful. Its not something I can do every day - yet - but I've got an idea about what I can do with some free time this fall. I even went biking around town today - less than 4 miles - and I could feel that I was a bit stronger. There are a couple hills theat gave me problems even last week that I felt much better about. Plus taking the pack with me I was able to get some photos that I can use with the site.

I feel sorry for some of these fools who think that their car liberates them. There's no way I would be feeling this good about myself or this weekend if I would have drove to that cache.

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Fix your fcsking PCs

16.49.06 - Mark

I swear. These PC users are fcsking idiots. In the last two days I've been emailed FIVE copies of Netsky P! FIVE!!! What the hells wrong with these idiots that they let it one - spread like wild fire and 2 let it hit the net 16 fcsking times? These are the same idiots that are going to be responcible for the end of the free internet (its almost already here - sometimes I feel the need to start a free the internet rebellion) Its sad that this is the internet some of us use for business, learning, and recreation yet need to suffer though onslaughts of pop ups and unders as well as flashy banners and other forms of shitty animations. I don't have a problem with google adwords or a little message supporting the services I use (like blogger and sitemeter) but places like Lowendmac, who used to be extremely simple and easy to use, that turn to an overwhelming number of adsare simply unbearable. Anyways enough ranting, the net isn't going to change, these lusers that download spyware (and yes, several visitors to this site have very nasty spyware installed- point in case is that I'm listed on amazon's search engine) and help spread viri, trojans and other evil crap are never going to learn. Maybe the online haven that Gibson worte of will come into play someday (a private online city, it was a large part of Idoru IIRC)

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Shoot me please...

12.11.10 - Mark

I'm tired of this shit. Innane notes, idiotic classmates (but no strech of the imagination are these my intellectual peers) who rather than think regurgitate answers and spent thier time fabricating BS converstations to the tunes of l33t $kr1p7 k1dd13z. I'll get me revenge on the skewl.

I mean, MIT is a great rescorce Just got to find out if its worth while (ie - do they do real senior pranks here) Last year the only one was a couple idiots supergluing the locks and spray painting some common grounds around the skewl. Its supposed to be eay to undo, not nessicatate the rental of a *&^%ing sandblaster

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Not dead... Yet

12.17.05 - Mark

I survived so it should be all down hill from here. The guy I talked to loved my idea (or thats the impression I got) and if I refine the plans could get the financial backing I want (err need) I also survived classes - even if they got pretty innane. Engrish was exceedingly long due to some BS test 10th graders are getting. Aside from that I got a bunch of stuff shipped, bought an Apple T-shirt (to replace one of my better ones that got a nasty bleach stain) I feel good about that. And the days are still ticking away for me. And I'm cooking up a nice MIT style hack for the school, along the lines of anamatronic cow on the roof - with mooooing and farting sounds.

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[beating head against wall]

12.18.54 - Mark

Being a senior sucks, at least here. One I don't care about all the "Seniors are Special" Crap they've been feeding me for the last 4 years, secondly I hate all this crap involving me giving them money for crap I neither want nor need. Like a class photo, there $15 and an hour of my time. And then the cap and gown photos, another hour and $22. How 'bout those sessions, that was another $100 IIRC, and an hour of my time to do. Not to metion the fact they were horrible (yet I was forced to have them done - mainly by the skewl) The agony of dealing with customer (dis)service didn't help matters and now I have a crappy photo in the yearbook. All of it blows, and prom, graduation, and its rehersals, the various religious ceremonies and more are coming up in the next 2 months. Thankfully I can ignore some of it, but I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANY OF THIS!!!

I just want to quitely leave this decaying hell hole (school, not town) leaving them no evidence that I was ever there (so the oportunistic administration will never be able to claim I was a fine graduate of their *&^%ing skewl) Oh well

33.3 days, 133.5 class periods, 200 hours in class and I'm outta here

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All thats missing is the silver platter

12.14.16 - Mark

I know I constantly complain about how my school is run by a bunch of idiotic, egotistical meglomaniacs stuck 110% in the past. Well they just gave me proof (but no silver platter)

I quote, word for word:

TAKE NOTICE that a Budget Hearing for the upcoming 2004-2005 school year will be held on Tuesday, April 13, 2004 at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium at the Mount Airy High School, 1011 N. South Street, Mount Airy, North Carolina.

Issued this 12th day of April 2005

Terrorists take note, feel free to bomb that address...

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Life Overload

23.46.51 - Mark

I swear I'm starting to burn out. Its been a week (give or take 12 hours) since I bought my 120 GB hard drive and I haven't installed it yet. Plus I haven't had a good oppurtunity to go play with my new camera lens (80-200 mm for a Canon AE-1) and tripod (barely 1.5 lbs) but I'll admit the lens only showed up today. Plus I've got the worst itch to go geocache and the best I can do is surf the net. Same with some other general exploration. Skool is getting worse daily (12th grade - six weeks, err, 34 days, err, 136 class periods, err 204 hours in class, err, you get the idea)

Plus I need to "make myself presentable" two more times this week. Once tomarrow for protographic proof that I gradguated with a bunch of hicks (read cap and gown photos for skewl) and again day after tomarrow so I can try and sell an idea I've got for a website. At least that could yield money for my mild embarassment. skewl neds the dressy sunday cloths I always seem to need to buy for one time uses, the presentation only dictates that I don't wear some of my scarcastic tshirts - like "I didn't loose my mind I sold it on eBay", "I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it" or "You are Dumb"

Plus on top of all that I need to fill out a couple of customs forms and prepare a few packeges and thats all before 5PM Wednesday.

At least I can find some refuge in sleep. I've been getting some great zzzz's recently. Hopefully that will help me rein in some of the chaos. Bog knows I need to.

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13.08.09 - Mark

Rarely if ever do I post petition links, but as someone who has waited for various domain names, manages multiple sites, and has been irratated but the pactices of verisign, please sign this:


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Ooooooh Goodie

22.43.31 - Mark

We haven't finished fucking up our planet and we're already selling garbage rights to the moon. A mere $6 Million and you too can fuck up our moon

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Well Hellooooooooooooo Captain Obvious

12.07.56 - Mark

In yet another gut wrenching edition of Confruiter Apps 0 my genius teacher single handedly defeated the purpose of running various drills. I mean its bad enough when a fire alarm is staged and students ignore it but wake the *&^% up. The purpose of a drill is to simulate as exactly as possible to prepare those involved. If you announce it then it is pointless. Whats better is that when she announced it she made the comment that it would occur in the next 6-8 weeks. This is perticually inlighting since we only have 6ish weeks of school to go. Of course you need to keep in mind that state law requires the drill and we haven't had on yet this year.

Wow its so brillant that I'm going to gouge my eyes out. (rolls eyes)

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23.12.07 - Mark

I was reading though some of my earlier entries and ran across this one what's ironic is that in that enrty I mention how I should probably be the first google hit for "Mark Welker" well unknown to me at the time I jumped dramatically. As in from 60th to say 3rd. I've known this for a little while (couple days)

Very Cool

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New Hard Drive

23.02.07 - Mark

So due to being drafted into it I was at a VICA competition in Greensboro since Yesterday. I was entered in a parlementry procedure contest with a few class amtes and we royally sucked. At least we're guarenteed 3rd place (yep, all of three teams entered) Our winning is a long shot in hell but I won't know until tomarrow. Frankly I don't care. Between a day and a half out of school, a free steak dinner it was good. The fact that I was no more than a walk from the CompUSA I was also able to pick up a 120GB Seagate HD for what will be after rebate $60. Thats a good price in my book.

Anyways I can't realy think of anything else - frankly I'm tired so uhhh later

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Sweet Mac Hacker Stickers

20.33.50 - Mark

I already know and like ThinkGeek.com and JinxHackWare.com but neither have clear Mac Hacker gear. Well no longer.

HackerStickers.com fixes that. Check them out.

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Waste of Time

22.26.46 - Mark

Bleh. I dragged myself out of bed this morning to waste my time by going to NCSU's Engineering Open House. Its a fine school - I'm sure but It didn't really strike me right. The CS guys I talked to were very intersting and very informed (heavily cross platform - *nix and Macs are the big players Winblows is the minority) but as I'm much more interested with hardware I also went to see the EE department. BIG mistake The one person I found from the department was a huge bore. I'm sure that theres no way he adequatly described the school. He knew nothing about Augmented and Virtual Reality (despite having a pair of older i-glasses, a steroscopic display common in the early 90s, at his booth) I mean the idea of the Bastard Operator From Hell (go read those after you're done at my site) and Dummy Mode On couldn't have applied better.

Plus he was telling my how one of the top engineering schools (according to my own research) didn't activally look into thing like DARPA's Grand Challenge. I mean WTF?!?!

Waste of time, thankfully I got to go to the Apple store and get a pizza from one of those places that specilize in weird flavored pizzas (I settled for a BBQ chicken pizza, didn't want to go too nuts)

Anyways waste of time and energy is over I'm going back to watching a freeview concert of the Blue Man Group

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Geeks and jokes, a match made in hell

17.22.36 - Mark

I love April Fool's Day. Between my regular geek hangouts and the day of joking theres always something good. Thinkgeek has a couple good ones - but its hard to tell if they're fakes or not (Wired.com covered this yesterday) I expecially like the shirt (but I honestly don't know if its real or a fake) The caffiene patch is good (they already sell the gum and soap, and water). The Others were OK, and the EZbake Drive Bay is playing off an older joke they did (I think the USB 2.0 enabled George Foreman Grill and the caffinated meatloaf)

Even the EFF is getting into it with a mock email newsletter.

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